My Hero Academia: Dabi Reveals His True Identity, And It Couldn’t Be More Volcanic

In episode 11 of season 6 of My Hero Academia, the past of one of the most mysterious villains of the League of Villains has been revealed, becoming more important than ever.

Heroes vs. the Paranormal Liberation Front

Since hawks infiltrated the Paranormal Liberation Front, he has been leaking valuable information to the heroes so he can defeat them from within. The heroes have been at the foot of the canyon, coming to kill Twice and destroying necessary material for the villains.

Shigaraki and company have not been left behind either, causing many casualties among the heroes and trying to catch up with One For All. He has not wanted to accept his brother or Shigaraki in subspace, so he has expelled them from there. Shoto Todoroki rushes to save Deku (Izuku Midoriya), but Shigaraki continues to persist and Endeavor arrivesbefore whom Dabi introduces himself as his own son.

Endeavor’s other son

Dabi’s initial motivation was to kill his little brother Shoto, since he has been his father’s favorite to imitate and surpass his powera mission that was previously for Toya (now Dabi), before he died. However, she preferred to wait to ruin his life at its peak. He revealed his identity to everyone to cause more shock to his familyespecially his father, for whom he felt very abandoned the day he died in the mountains, burned by his own flames.

Endeavor was the person most distressed by Toya’s confession. She spent years searching for her eldest son, or at least his remains, and she always blamed herself for his death on his inability to understand that he couldn’t resist his own fireignoring such information and pushing Toya to be better than All Might.

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The future of the heroes of My Hero Academia

This will come as a huge shock to Endeavor’s hero figure, as he has always tried to sell himself as a hero. reliable and safebut the facts that reveal the domestic abuse that has exerted about his eldest son they will leave you in a bad position in front of the public, undermining the public’s confidence in the heroes of Boku no Herowidening the gap between both entities.