My Hero Academia: Deku arrives in the Spider-Man universe in this illustration

This is what Izuku Midoriya looks like from My Hero Academia with the iconic Spiderman suit

As the franchise has previously communicated to us, My Hero Academia There is little left to finish, but if the fans of the series are sure of something, it is that Izuku Midoriya You will be able to save the world with all the knowledge you have gained through your leadership skills. Due to his personality and the values ​​that have characterized him throughout My Hero Academia, Deku became one of the most iconic and beloved characters among the fandom. This hero of the Class 1-A It has so impacted everyone’s emotions that there have been some unofficial artistic collaborations that represent the reality of two universes.

And in this regard, the creator, Kohei Horikoshi, drew on his favorite heroes to create the image of Izuku. Therefore, those of us who know Spider-Man It is difficult for us to overlook the influence this had on the character in the manga. And it is so Horikoshi created an amazing fusion between the heroes of the franchise Marvel and his own work.

The illustration was shared with us a week ago by a Twitter user, called tivolart, as you can see it below.

Illustration shared by Tivolart

But the comments about this great work were immediate. The recognition of the author is evident, as is the gratitude for having shown part of his work with Internet users. And even though the fusion between Spider-Man and the work of Horikoshi It is a known fact, the emotion could be seen in each of the responses.

The fanart shows Izuku Midoriya with the suit of Spider-Man, and everyone has loved the edgy look of the character. After all, seeing this hero disguised as a legend of Marvel It is a memorable moment for everyone. In fact, it is curious that the creator has put piercings in his ears, however he gives it a special touch.

As you can see, Izuku Midoriya He wears the characteristic Spider-Man costume, with the blue and red colors that make him up. But the difference that this suit has is the emblem, since the white spider of Peter Parker, in this case it glows green. Also, this same sparkle is in the eyes of Deku, by what makes us understand that the hero of the Class 1-A still have some One For All at.

From her out-of-this-world colored eyes, to her messy hair and ear piercings, the all-new look of Izuku Midoriya, shows us an unknown facet for the fandom. The aesthetic that has been designed to reveal its image as something never seen before is totally out of the norm within anime, but the combination is perfect and the details are quite careful. And since Horikoshi paid tribute to Spider-Man in his work, fans are willing to accept this unofficial crossover that has gone viral on the internet.

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to introduce Deku with Peter Parker in a collaboration, however the potential of illustration shows us the great work that could be done around the franchise Marvel Y My Hero Academia.

Horikoshi will surely take this opportunity to make the official illustrations of the hero of Marvel and probably Izuku I could learn a few things from him.

How about this amazing makeover of My Hero Academia? Do you think that Izuku Y Spider-Man could they be partners in the fight? And if they fought each other, who do you think would win?

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