My Hero Academia: Deku could lose the fight for this detail

All For One could still take the victory…

Deku finally managed to awaken the second user’s quirk in My Hero Academia chapter 369 (Boku no Hero Academia), however, I may lose the battle against All For One / Tomura Shigaraki for this reason. Before continuing, this article will contain spoilers for the chapter.), so we recommend you read the manga that has come out in the last few hours on the MangaPlus by Shueisha service.

One For All was a quirk that always had risks, using it recklessly would always cause injuries to little Deku. The strength of this special ability far exceeded what Deku’s body was capable of handling at the time; when he overexerted himself, the body part affected by his Quirk would become bloody and bruised, completely unusable unless Deku was ready to suffer extreme pain.

my hero academia 369

In My Hero Academia 369 (Boku no Hero Academia), we saw the full potential of Transmission, the second user’s quirk, which allows him to break the physical laws of speed.

When Blackwhip manifested, Deku had to once again limit himself to a new power to use it safely. In this case, the Quirk not only caused her body pain, but risked Blackwhip losing control. As with One For All, Deku took a slow and steady approach to get a feel for how it worked.. The current circumstances of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) have forced Deku to abandon his methodical approach. Total war isn’t exactly a top-tier training ground, so he was forced to use Gear Shift without any prior practice. All he had to say was that the Quirk would allow him to speed up or slow down any object he touched, including himself, but Deku is already using it like an expert, though it might backfire.

While on his way to the UA, Deku was tempted to use Gear Shift to speed up his journey, but the second user of One For All, the original wielder of the Quirk, advised him against it. He warned that he would only be able to use it for five minutes after Deku activated Gear Shift on himself, and suggested that the young hero wait until the right time to use his Quirk. As he described it, Gear Shift was only supposed to be a tool of last resort. When Deku went toe-to-toe with All For One, the moment finally presented itself.

Deku’s battle against One For All in MY Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

When Deku started the battle with All For One, the Second reminded him again of the risks associated with his power. He claimed that Deku had a five minute window within which he could defeat All For One after activating Gear Shift, and even that assuming the strain of simultaneously controlling seven Legacy Quirks. Deku may seem invincible now, but his battle with All For One is as much a race against time as it is a fight. The penalty for exceeding this limit has yet to be revealed, but the urgency with which Deku is struggling with clues that he has no intention of finding out.

my hero academia 369

Although we see All For One very badly injured in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), it is possible that there are still chapters left for his final defeat, since he could still release his most fearsome form.

Chapter 369 of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), “A chain of events, through the ages” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in Spanish through Manga Plus has brought a new light about Deku’s secret power. Although Deku has taken control of the flow of the battle, the heroes are not quite out of the woods yet. All For One still has several major generals working independently of him., and even the part of him that resides within Shigaraki Tomura at UA might not be as doomed as it seems. Deku’s unleashed power is more than enough to keep the fiendish villain overwhelmed for now, but using all of Gear Shift’s abilities carries a crippling risk that could bring him down.