My Hero Academia: Deku has awakened his new quirk and it is the most epic thing you will see today

Deku has awakened an incredible new quirk that will get him out of trouble in combat.

The new Quirk that Deku has awakened is extremely useful when facing the enemy.

The first cut of the sixth season of My Hero Academia left great revelationssince during this it was possible know Dabi’s true identitycausing a great impact on followers who did not expect him to come from a heroic lineage.

This incredible arc has been surrounded by many loose ends that managed to be tied up in this part, since many of the revelations that emerged have been crucial to understand a little more the history of some characters. Also, during this fierce war, Bakugo’s new name and power revealedbecause this character has had an exceptional development.

On the other hand, this war has helped many characters to acquire new abilities, such as Deku, who has awakened his new quirk which is extremely impressive. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from episode #13 of the sixth season of My Hero Academia.

Deku has acquired a new power-up that is extremely incredible

Deku has awakened a new quirk, which is extremely epic

Deku has awakened a new quirk, which is extremely epic

The current events in My Hero Academia have escalated to imaginable levels, since during this war many have been the heroes who have been seriously injured or dead at the hands of the ruthless Tomura Shigaraki who has used his fearsome Quirk to wreak havoc.

These events have completely changed the landscape of the war, since the heroes have done everything in their power to stop the advance of Shigaraki and the League of Villains, as they have become united again on the front lines thanks to Macchiawhich has made the situation even more difficult for Deku and company.

During this battle, Deku has been essential to contain Shigaraki, since he has made use of his One For All to face him, minimizing the casualties, due to the tireless effort of Midoriya and his exploits, he has managed to awaken a new quirk which is very useful when fighting.

In it episode #13 of My Hero Academiait has been observed as the League of Villains have managed to escape the fibers of Best Jeannistthanks to the feat of Mr. Compress who has made use of his abilities to free them, sacrificing himself in the process.

Mr. Compress sacrifices himself to free his companions

Mr. Compress sacrifices himself to free his companions

During the development of these events, Deku wakes up, since he had previously fainted due to the shock of explosions between Dabi and Shoto. Waking up, Deku feels a terrible sensation that completely paralyzes him, realizing that he already He has had the same perception on several occasions while on the battlefield. However, Midoriya manages to identify this feeling and realizes that it is the gift of the fourth user of the One For Allcalled Hazard sensorsince this indicates to its bearer about latent threats or disasters before they occur.

Deku has awakened the gift of the fourth user of the One For All, called the Danger Sensor.

Deku has awakened the gift of the fourth user of the One For All, called the Danger Sensor.

deku has achieved recognize this peculiarity thanks to the notes of previous One For All users that All Might gave him, which helped him a lot to understand this new gift a little more.

However, Midoriya, having recently awakened this gift, has not had time to train it, which is why it causes him a enormous pressure and pain in your head that makes him lose consciousness, since it generates an overload of information.

Without a doubt, the development and evolution that Deku has obtained during this war has been exceptionalsince he has managed to awaken and access several quirks of former All For One users, allowing him to strengthen himself to help his friends in battle and manage to face Tomura Shigaraki who has acquired some One For All abilities, becoming very dangerous.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Horikoshi has inspired by many of the techniques of Marvel charactersand this has been evidenced in the gifts that Deku has recently awakened, since the Hazard sensorfulfills the same function as Spider Man’s spider-sense, this being a clear reference and a kind of tribute to this superhero.