My Hero Academia: Deku shows the power of One For All in this cosplay body paint | Spaghetti Code

One of the anime that has gained popularity in recent years is My Hero Academia, which recently released its third film in Mexico and part of Latin America World Heroes’ Mission, which will be the return of the heroes in a new adventure to try to stop the villain who seeks to eradicate the Quirks of all people.

Among the characters most loved by fans are Bakugo, Todoroki, All Might, Uraraka and Endeavor, only on the part of the heroes, while the most popular of the villains is Dabi, followed by Himiko and even All For One , but who is the protagonist is Izuku Midoriya known as Deku, but has taken another form thanks to an incredible cosplay body paint.

She is Deku who does the best she can

Through Instagram, the cosplayer Sailor Kayla shared an amazing interpretation of Deku, who seems to have used 100% of One For All, since lightning bolts are seen throughout his body, as they appeared during the first three seasons, where he was learning to use his new abilities.

But that is not all, since in addition to these rays, it can be observed that used his arm to carry out an attack on the enemy, however, he was badly injured by the impact or by the force exerted. The arm looks a red almost purple color, which means that all the power of One For All It was used.

The cosplayer He gave us another version but very faithful to Deku and it is very certain that with his beauty he has faced the League of Villains, who do not stop making life impossible for the young heroes of the UA What did you think of this cosplay body paint de Deku?


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