My Hero Academia: Deku will not be the one to stop All For One

The last arc of sleeve of My Hero Academia has proven never to leave us with high enough expectations. However, as the end approaches we will see the resolution of all the conflicts that have been generated and, even if we wanted to, Deku will not be the one to stop All For One nor the hero of this story.

It seems that many have overlooked that Deku will be victorious thanks to the fact that in each of the anime’s introductions we hear his voice say “this is the story of how i became the greatest hero of all time” and yes, that seems to be a great indication, but you have to remember everything that made history throughout its publication, but more importantly: How do I change the sleeve of My Hero Academia.

InitiallyDeku was only All Might’s contender, a simple successor. This was very obvious, but the same Kohei Horikoshi was changing the course of the story to give it a more serious tone and a much darker in which both Midoriya and his companions are not exactly complete heroes, but rather recognize their flaws and, above all, that the concept of heroism is as twisted as that of villainy.

All might and Midoriya from My Hero Academia
Soon we will have to say goodbye | Source: Bones

During the last 50 most recent chapters, My Hero Academia manga is preparing us for the last battlein which the society of heroes, presided over by Endeavor, Hawks and Blue Jeanist, the three greatest heroesas well as by Deku and the UA Class 1-Aagainst All For One and Shigaraki, along with what remains of the Paranormal Liberation League.

This has already given us an idea of ​​how the story will end and it has done so without shouting it from the rooftops, in a subtle way. And it is that just as the One For All maintains its bearers, there is a great possibility that the All For One has a very similar relationship to the quirks he has stolen.

During Shigaraki’s battle with Stars and Stripes, we saw a little more the relationship of the quirks with the users, being that despite being absorbed by All For One, it maintained its presence after being usurped. Yes, her justification was the order she gave before she died to save her companions, but also perfectly complements the way One For All maintains the consciousness of previous users by being a Legacy Quirk of its own volition..

Who is the hero of My Hero Academia

This is how we can predict some possible endings, the first being one where Shigaraki ends up being saved by Deku and thus All For One loses the possibility of passing his entire personality to this new body.which already has all the quirks it previously had, disappearing and making Shigaraki the true hero of the story.

My Hero Academia is heading for its final act
The beginning of the end of Deku | Source: Shueisha

Another would be one where even Deku dies and One For All’s demise allows All the quirks stolen by All For One rebel against him.a, and enabling the possibility that Midoriya bequeathed power once again despite the warnings of the other bearers and the voice heard in each anime intro is himself speaking as an ancient spirit carrier in this quirk.

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However, we can also expect the prototypical ending in which after a great battle, Deku is victorious and becomes the new symbol of peacerestores the entire power society and goes to eat ice cream with Eri-chan and Mirio at the end.

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