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My Hero Academia is a work written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It is based on a one-shot called my hero —published in Ōmagadoki Dōbutsuen—. However, on January 11, 2015, it began to be published on VOMIC, already being the current series. My Hero Academia It is a story of heroes, however, the last twist that was revealed about Shigaraki as a villain, is quite particular, and we will have to see what it will really represent for the anime.

In 2015 the anime adaptation was announced through Bones studios. The anime is directed by Kenji Nagasaki, written by Yōsuke Kuroda, and designed by Yoshihiko Umakoshi.

My Hero Academia it is a world in which polarities exist: heroes and villains. In this, gifts/powers/quirks develop randomly and some can be inherited. Among the stories of each of the characters, there are constructions and developments of rather sophisticated dyes.

One of the most applauded things about the work is precisely the idea of the villains forged with lucid and critical foundations. My Hero Academia he forged one of the most epic presentations of his antagonists, who will be legacies, in turn, for shōnen in general.

Source: Bones studios

In addition, on the other hand, the concept of the villain and the hero in any story will be debatable —as well as the ideas of good and evil—, and even the special contexts and particularities of each character —such as what happens in the development of the Joker or more unstable superheroes like Batman. Nevertheless, My Hero Academia He managed to present villains like Shigaraki, Dabi, Twice or Overhaul who have critical notions regarding the idea of ​​evil, its formation and its path.

My Hero Academia: The Story of the Villain Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki’s construction is a perfect spectrum: It is important to emphasize what is prior to the central axis that supports —in ideology— the structure of the character.

Tomura Shigaraki had a father who hated heroes—this is because his mother was a great hero who left her family behind to try to save others, what a contradiction. It must be added that the grandmother was All Might’s teacher, this will justify the apprehensive hatred that Shigaraki feels against the hero and his heirs -. Due to this, Shigaraki’s father developed a trauma that made him hate everything that he had to do with heroics.

Tomura Shigaraki could be the best villain of My Hero Academia
Source: Bones study

Terrible for his son, who In a world full of heroes, he was forbidden to aspire to be one while experiencing extreme violence at home. —It should be noted that nobody helped him, people believed that a hero would, but their system had a break at the worst moment. The heroes became corrupted, they earned a lot of money and they worried about serving only what they poorly selected. In their plans, for example, there was not a little boy with problems like Shigaraki’s.

My Hero Academia: Tomura Shigaraki is one of the most fearsome villains.
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Shigaraki’s trauma

Eventually, the villain will discover his grandmother’s story, and develop his own power. This consists of disintegrating things, however, when it was revealed, it was devastating, because the little boy ended up killing his puppy, his sister, his grandparents and his mother. Still in shock, his father arrived and hit him intensely —as always—, at this, with all the intention, Shigaraki murdered him in cold blood.thus allowing the moment when the villain who will inherit the most power is born.

After this, the story begins in which he becomes subservient to All For One and establishes himself in the villain society as one of the favorites.

My Hero Academia is in the final stage of his story, in this Shigaraki entered a coma -after Present Mic managed to break his capsule in Dr. Ujiko’s laboratory. However, after an intense battle of consciences, it seems that he managed to wake up as the new user of All For One and is ready to destroy everything in his path.

And to all this… Shigaraki became the most fearsome villain in the anime?

There are several things to say about it. Shigaraki has one of the most critical and developed stories in the manga, and one of the most puzzling powers, however, to this will be added the greatest known power, since he inherits that of All For One.

the big problems

Previously his quirk only worked if the villain directly touched people with his five fingers, however, now you will be able to affect the victims without that fussy dynamic.

Also, inherited the original All For One quirk that allows him to steal and store his enemies’ powersand you can use them as if they were your own.

My Hero Academia: Shigaraki Received All For One Quirk
Source: Bones study

In this way, we end up with a character from an overwhelming past and who will gather the greatest powers, in addition to having evil company – lovely, too. Maybe At this moment, it is one of the greatest dangers, for all the optimization it received. However, we must highlight that there were excellent villains who could have a bigger role.

Great examples of favorites are Overhaul and Dabi.

Overhaul is the leader of the yakuza and his peculiarity allows him to reconfigure matter – in this way he manages to add limbs or artifacts to himself. On the other hand, Dabi is part of the League of Villains, he is one of the most powerful members. Dabi is capable of creating deadly flames—a classic and fearsome incendiary villain.

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Let’s see how the battle between the heirs of All For One and All Might turns out.

Technical highlights:

Bones studio does an excellent job, beyond reproach, with the animation. In addition, the manga adaptation is also very faithful —things that as fans we really appreciate.

And you, do you think that Tomura Shigaraki is the best villain of My Hero Academia? You can a round for discord and don’t miss the news on Google News.