My Hero Academia: Do you know the hero name of these UA students?

My Hero Academia” is one of those manganime whose great popularity takes you to places unimaginable for others. A good example is his collaboration with Fortnite. And it is that the series is now topical thanks to the fact that is airing its sixth season (which, according to the opinion of my colleague Cristian, it is not up to par in one of its aspects).

In these episodes ofMy Hero Academia”, the students of the UA they are exercising more than ever as heroes fully fledged, but… Do you remember the name that each of them has given themselves? To test you, I have prepared a game about this. Before moving on to the activity itself, I leave you the instructions.

My Hero Academia Game Instructions

This is all we need to know before starting the activity:

  • then you will see a series of cards with the names of heroes and heroines from “My Hero Academia”. ⭐️
  • They are all UA students. ❗️
  • you have to try guess the name of the character they belong to. ❓
  • When you think you know the answer, you just have to click on the card to rotate itand see if you got it right. ✅
  • In total there are 10 different cards. ❤️
  • The objective is pass by getting a 5but… Can you get a note? ⚡️

My Hero Academia Name Game

Without further ado, here is the test:

How did it go? Have you got many right? I invite you to share your result in the comments. The truth is that it has been a lot of fun preparing this activity, and I hope you had a fun time completing it.

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