My Hero Academia: Endeavor has become a beautiful woman of flesh and blood thanks to this cosplay body paint | Spaghetti Code

Endeavor, better known as Enji Todoroki, is the hero with the record for the most cases solved and one of the characters of My Hero Academia more powerful. He has the Gift of Fire, something quite dangerous considering his explosive personality. That is why this cosplay body paint He left us with our mouths open, because he has managed to portray the character in a completely fiery way.

A fiery performance!

One of the best interpretations of the hero | Image: Julie Odsgaard (Instagram)

Looking at the work of artist Julie Odsgaard, we cannot help but emphasize her well-accomplished portrayal of the character of Kohei Horikoshi. The truth is The cosplayer looks nothing like Enji Todoroki, but her characterization has faithfully adapted the hero costume of this vigilante de Musutafu.

In this way we can observe that Julie Odsgaard is using blue, red, orange and gray body paint, with which she has shaped the costumes of EndeavorIn addition, he has painted the iconic fiery mustaches of this hefty character with this on his face.

The artist has also brought Bakugo to life! | Image: Julie Odsgaard (Instagram)

In the following image from Julie Odsgaard’s set we can see the beautiful cosplayer again, but now playing another character (although just as explosive): Bakugo! Thus, we can see that the artist has been used to adapt the hero costume of this student of the Academia U. A. in a great way.

A pretty explosive hero | Image: Bones

Tall, muscular, very powerful and extremely fiery (literally speaking): he is Enji Todoroki, and we believe that a personality as ironclad as his could hardly change, despite the tweaks that the mangaka may or may not have done. Not for nothing is the hero no. 1 from Musutafu: a post justly inherited by All Might.

And you, what do you think of these body paint of the characters of My Hero Academia?


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