My Hero Academia episode 5 season 6: when and where to watch chapter 118 of the anime in Spanish

My goodness, how is the series? Deku and company have started with great force, and the truth is that each episode leaves us wanting even more. That is why, as usual, we tell you when you can watch episode 5 of season 6 of My Hero Academiaor the 117th episode depending on the total series order.

In the same way, we remind you that you can read the review of the manga from following link and/or learn more about the franchise in general through this other. Having said that, we won’t take much longer and tell you everything you need to know about when, where, how, at what time and on what date you can continue watching the anime of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia episode 5 season 6: how, when and where to watch the anime

To watch episode 5 of season 6 of My Hero Academiathe 188 within the global calculation, you will have to wait until the Saturday, October 29. As always, it can be seen on the website and/or the application of Crunchyroll. In the same way, we remind you that the series is issued in simulcast.

That is It can be seen at the same time as in the Japanese premiere. Therefore, we can say that we we will have it available in Spain at 11:30 in the morning. That said, we leave you a list with all the schedules in case you are reading us from another time zone.

  • Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): at 11:30 hours
  • Spain (Canary Islands): at 10:30 hours
  • Argentina: at 06:30 hours
  • Bolivia: a 07:30 the hours
  • Brazil: at 08:30 hours
  • Chili: at 05:30 hours
  • Colombia: at 04:30 hours
  • Costa Rica: at 03:30 hours
  • Cuba: at 05:30 hours
  • Ecuador: at 04:30 hours
  • The Savior: at 03:30 hours
  • Guatemala: at 03:30 hours
  • Honduras: at 03:30 hours
  • Mexico: at 04:30 hours
  • Nicaragua: at 03:30 hours
  • Panama: at 04:30 hours
  • Paraguay: at 05:30 hours
  • Peru: at 04:30 hours
  • Puerto Rico: at 05:30 hours
  • Dominican Republic: at 05:30 hours
  • Uruguay: at 06:30 hours
  • Venezuela: at 05:30 hours

Are you excited to see the new season? It seems that things are getting tense… What do you think? Put it in the comments!

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