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My Hero Academia It is one of the most popular animes of the moment and although after the fifth season, the continuation of the story has remained silent when giving information about the sixth, since its team has taken a break. Fans try to keep alive some characters that have won the hearts of many, such as the professor Aizawa or better known as Eraserhead.

The fandom from My Hero Academia seems to be very creative at times and to honor one of everyone’s favorite heroes, a fan made an illustration in which he combines the worlds of this anime and makes a clear reference to another classic hero like Batman.

Aizawa, a night watchman

This piece of art shared by the user agildedcrow on Twitter, where he made a special drawing for Christopher Wahkamp, ​​the actor who gives voice to the personaje de Aizawa in English and without a doubt its inspiration was taken from the DC classics.

Source: Twitter @agildedcrow

As you can see in the image below, Aizawa stands on top of a building, looking down over the streets of a dark city in Japan., meanwhile, dressed in his usual hero outfit and it is clear that he has become a vigilante in search of danger. The night atmosphere gives a special touch to this illustration, Aizawa has become the new Batman.

It is a fact that fans of the Superheros They’ll immediately recognize this pose, as the savior of Gotham is also on top of the rooftops surveying the city and keeping an eye out when action calls to rescue someone or stop villains.

Aizawa y Batman they could work together as heroes and if you imagine it, they would share the Batmobile and even the Batcave. what did you think of this fanart Come in My Hero Academia Y Batman?


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