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My Hero Academia he is currently showing his fans the exciting battle between Shoto Todoroki and Dabi. It is here that we witness one of the hero’s most powerful attacks: the Flashfire Fist. This same ability used by his father is now used by him though with one key difference.

Chapter 352 of the manga My Hero Academia presents us with a small flashback. In these panels we see Shouto Todoroki explaining to Izuku Midoriya how he came up with his new technique. This is a different version of the Flashfire Fist used many times by his father, the hero Endeavor..

He proceeds to relate that maintaining this form for a long time is something quite complicated. However, he discovered a way to hold it and at the same time give it his own touch.. Shoto Todoroki you can use your heart to activate your right and left side at the same time.

Shoto explains how his new power works in My Hero Academia
Source: Shueisha

This creates a kind of cold flame which is easier to control. He can pump icy or boiling blood to stabilize his new technique.. With this you acquire what is perhaps one of the most powerful abilities of My Hero Academia and what it will probably give Shoto the victory.

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This attack is the basis of Great Glacial Aegir that we saw him use against Dabi. With it, he launches a huge amount of icy flames in the area around Shouto Todoroki. This left us with an amazing scene in the pages of the manga. Although the outcome of the battle remains to be seen in the next issue of My Hero Academia.

What else is going on with Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia?

The explanation of the new power of Shouto Todoroki is not the only important thing about this chapter of My Hero Academia. This proved to be a very important point for the evolution of this hero. She stopped feeling that she was falling behind in terms of his powers, to give everything against him. Dhabi.

Shoto in his great battle against Dabi in My Hero Academia
Source: Shueisha

My Hero Academia is getting closer and closer to its end and the pages of its most recent installment seem to remember it. The final battle is taking on a lot of seriousness and we may have an ending that will leave us on the edge of our seat. we hope that Shoto Todoroki, Izuku Midoriya and company manage to see victory.

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