My Hero Academia: Fan recreates a hyper-realistic version of Shoto, Deku and Bakugo | Spaghetti Code

Anime series My Hero Academia has gained popularity in recent years and there are thousands of fans who seek to show their love for the franchise either with cosplays and some fanartsHowever, one of them took his fanaticism to another level by recreating hyper-realistic versions of some characters from the series.

Through Instagram, user redesigned to UA Academy students Shoto Todoroki, Izuku Midoriya, and Bakugo Katsuki in a way that makes us wonder if this is what they would look like in real life, since the character designs look like real people.

Shoto Torodoki He is one of the most talented in the UA, in addition to being the son of Endeavor, the now number one hero of Japan, stands out for his skills. He can control fire, a power inherited from his father, and dominate ice, a power from his mother. Meanwhile, in this version, you can see the same physical features that appear in the anime, such as the burn on his face.

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But not only did he draw Shoto, he also portrayed Deku, the protagonist of the series and who has inherited the abilities of All for One, so he seeks to learn from it in the hero academy, besides being the ward of All Might. However, what stands out this version of the young hero, are the freckles on his face.

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The artist did not want to put aside Bakugo, this explosive boy who has a great ability, however, we know that his thing is to kill the bad guys and This version shows that you are ready to face the villains, while wearing his hero suit. Let us remember that it is also one of the strongest in My hero Academia.

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These three heroes would love to see them and without a doubt, these fanarts you would be a good reference for a possible live-action from My Hero Academia in some future. What do you think of these hyper-realistic versions?


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