My Hero Academia: Fanart Imagine what the superheroine Midnight would look like if it were animated in 3D | Spaghetti Code

Anime series My Hero Academia has become one of the most popular in recent months, but inside history there are many characters that have captured the hearts of fans, some of them are in the Academia U.A. As well as professional heroes they have become favorites.

The teachers of the heroes also stand out for their popularity and among them is Nemuri Kayama, better known by her name of superheroine Midnight, who is widely recognized for her beauty and dream scent abilities, allowing her to dominate her opponents.

An artist decided to recreate this character but in a way that we would like to see perhaps in the future, since Midnight was recreated in a 3D animation.

Midnight ready to face her opponents

Hannu Koskinen, one of the principal designers of Rovio Entertainment, the studio in charge of films such as Angry Birds, made a three-dimensional model of the characters in the series and it was certainly a great result.

Source: Instagram @hkoskine

In these images it is possible to see a great job to recreate the superheroine, however, the story of the heroine is that to disable her enemies, her essence becomes more powerful the less clothes she has, but by wearing such a revealing outfit, it has caused him trouble and has been modified in this current version.

Source: Instagram @hkoskine

The suit appears to have embossed textures instead of smooth, you can even see that his outfit is torn in places, as if he had fought with the villains, while, He also carries his whip, so this weapon has given a complete touch to the character of My Hero Academia.

So far we know that Midnight will return to the sixth season of My Hero Academia, which was confirmed a few days ago, however, we will have to wait for its premiere date to see the beautiful superhero again.


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