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The most recent episode from the fifth season of the anime My Hero Academia it was certainly quite emotional. More than one fan ended up shedding a tear or two at the revelations he had.

However, there was a moment of this that did not quite convince some fans, and that was when he entered the scene Tomura Shigaraki. What happens is that he was tied to a machine, and was the victim of an apparently cruel and terrible experiment.

Tomura Shigaraki scene generates reactions

Some kind of tube comes out of his body while he’s tied up, and he shudders in pain. What’s wrong with said scene other than cruelty? What happens is that in the original manga of Kohei Horikoshi it is more violent.

There is more blood and everything becomes very intense. The strokes of this mangaka they make everything awesome, but that was omitted in the anime. This is why the talk of censorship has already begun, and all due to the audience the series is going to.

What happens is that at the time it is broadcast My Hero Academia in Japan it can still be considered as family time. It is 5:30 pm JST, so it is not possible to be too explicit on several things.

Is why BonesTheoretically, he could not capture as such the most cruel and bloody scenes of the original work. Those who like the animated adaptation are not happy about that. So far the studio has done a decent job.

Lack of violence in My Hero Academia sparks debate

My Hero Academia has a limit on violence

The fact is that the comments about it were triggered due to the contribution of an animator, Ian Zhang. Apparently, he was one of those in charge of that scene, and from what he shared, it was more violent.

There you could see Shigaraki wriggle and the blood spurts out. Now, that doesn’t even happen in the manga. Zhang admitted that too much of the vital liquid was ‘added’. So something like this would never have been authorized. But it certainly lends itself to a lot of debate.

Lack of violence in My Hero Academia sparks debate

The link to the video is at the end of the note

There is no shortage of those who say that to enjoy the authentic experience of My Hero Academia it will be necessary to resort to the original manga. Maybe if the anime did not air at the time mentioned above things would be different.

At night there is much more freedom when transmitting violent content. Now, all is not lost, as there is the possibility of ‘risky’ content being added on the Blu-ray and DVD versions.

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