My Hero Academia fans are not happy with the quality of the animation

The ninth episode of the sixth season is getting a lot of criticism from the viewers.

The last episode of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) adapted chapters 283-285 of the manga (122 of the anime). Showever, fans criticized the animation of the ninth episode by studio Bonessince they assure that could not adequately adapt the action scenes of the manga and there were no proper displays of power or energy as shown in the source material drawn by Kohei Horikoshi.


My Hero Academia has reached a critical moment in the fight against Tomura Shigaraki with the most recent episode of the sixth season. Although the battle started off well for the heroes as they shocked the villains, it was quickly revealed that it was the heroes who weren’t really prepared for just how deadly the villains had become. This was especially telling for Deku and Bakugo at the center of it all.

In the chapter Deku and Bakugo pushed themselves beyond their limits, since they are the only ones who know that One For All may be the only thing to beat Shigaraki, but at the end of the episode, Bakugo moves in a way that he did not expect, since he wanted to save Deku at a critical moment. For this, the ninth episode received criticism for the animation quality of Bakugo’s sacrifice, because it isAudio Bones set very high expectations with his previous episodes.

Seeing as this is one of the biggest fights in the series and has a huge influence on how the rest of the story unfolds, it’s understandable that fans are so upset with the chapter, as the following comments show. :

I can’t help but feel that Bones didn’t put any effort into making Bakugo’s special scene look shocking, because it looks like they just copied and pasted the panel from the manga. I don’t know how it will actually play out, but it looks BAD“.

This ending sequence of the episode, while probably the best overall, still feels really lacking, very short animation moments, poor quality art, and no movement colored manga panels, Deku’s shot and bulge burn were ok, but Bakugo’s sacrifice lacked impact“.

Twitter user @JaegarTwice compiled some screenshots to prove this point, along with the video itself. Here are some reasons why Bakugo’s sacrifice had no impact on the season 6 of My Hero Academia:

– Frequent use of still image shots

– Repeated use of flashback sequences

– Nasty close-ups of Bakugo’s face

– Lack of high-quality art

– Sporadic use of fluid animation

What doesn’t really help is that Bakugo’s moment at the end is nothing more than a still image. Also. andViewers expect a lot more from major animation studios these days, particularly as the series is well into its sixth season. By comparison, Bones did a lot for the third installment of the Mob Psycho 100, showing excellent animation after new chapters were released each week.

The sixth season of Boku no Hero Academia has been broadcast since October 1 and will last for two consecutive years.