My Hero Academia fans want a fantasy spin-off

The main series derived from My Hero Academia was My Hero Academia: Watchmena manga that has yet to receive an adaptation by anime and focused on the heroes who patrol the streets while evading the law and the professional heroes of the Hero Society.

Although, while there have been other universe spin-offs that have introduced fans to the heroes of UA Academy, there has been a story that many anime fans have been waiting to see when the creator Kohei Horikoshi has left the heroes of Class 1-A in a fantasy setting.

An official story has not yet been created for the anime heroes who wear outfits and an aesthetic that makes them look like they came from a universe of Dungeons and Dragons with a medieval style, rather than a modern society, but the designs have certainly struck a chord with fans.

While Horikoshi has shared art throughout the years of the Class 1-A and the Hero Society heroes sporting these new looks, the fantasy universe also appeared in an ending sequence for the anime itself, and recently returned to the manga thanks to a cover that was part of Chapter 376, which continues the story of the “Final Arc” of the series.

That’s how Twitter user Aitai Ki Mochi got going by calling for a My Hero Academia spin-off series that would focus on barbarians and sorcerers instead of superheroes, while also sharing previous art drawn by Shonen creator Kohei. Horikoshi, who reimagined the young. Class 1-A crime fighters, and has been receiving great support from other fans.

The anime adaptation of My Hero Academia has led Class 1-A and the Hero Society to seek to put the pieces back together after the disastrous consequences of fighting Shigaraki and the League of Villains. The Shonen universe will be a much different and worse place for crime fighters despite their victory against the forces of All For One.