My Hero Academia: fans wonder if Bakugo needs to die

Once again the sleeve of My Hero Academia has fans on the edge of their seats, and that is after chapter 362, where Katsuki Bakugo he is literally heartbroken in the final battle with All For One-Shigaraki, as it seems that the final panel made it seem like the ambitious would-be hero might be gone forever.

That is why there are a large number of My Hero Academia fans who do not (want) to believe that Bakugo is really dead, as well as a large number of theories about whether Kohei Horikoshi whether or not he intends death to be the end of Bakugo’s arc, but then, Does Bakugo really need to die for the My Hero Academia story to be complete?…

You see, Bakugo’s purpose in My Hero Academia was always to serve as a foil for the main character. Izuku Midoriyasince while Deku had the heart of a true hero but no superpowers, “kachan” he had all the power in the world, but none of the compassion or heart a man should have. “hero”.

That is why the story of My Hero Academia began with the twist of a powerless Midoriya jumping to save Bakugo from a villain who was about to kill him, but it has always been theorized that Bakugo’s arc had to end with him coming full circle to be in Midoriya’s position.

So in that sense if Bakugo really did die now, like this, it would be in perfect synch with where his arc started, as he has now jumped in to save the best trio of UA students, the big three (Mirio, Nejire and Tamaki), against Shigarakiand is apparently mortally wounded in the process.

So just before that crucial moment, Bakugo took a beating from Shigaraki, who also made sure to get into his mind, showing and telling Bakugo how little his formidable superpower mattered, and this, he took as a big deal. but he didn’t let it break his spirit, far from it, so throwing himself in front of Shigaraki and the Big Three, Bakugo fulfilled everything Deku’s example taught him about the “real” heroism.

So, Bakugo is now free to earn a noble death, and this could be a loss that will always inspire Izuku and the other students of Class 1-Awho adore Bakugo, for an era where they’re adults with trained superheroes, but on the other hand, the thematic climax of Bakugo’s story, doesn’t need to end with his death at all, as it could ultimately be so much more. powerful to have Bakugo live and learning a lesson.

So, fan theories are already swirling around numerous ways Bakugo can survive his missing heart, from Best Jeanist or other heroes who create a new one for him, to whatever healer gets to him in time, so if Bakugo survives, his physical body and superpowers will likely never be the same again, certainly up to the challenge of being the number 1 hero in the world.

So, in a way, it would be poetic in its resolution if Bakugo ends up crippled and/or powerless, while Deku becomes a hero with the world’s greatest superpower (One For All), so with a Bakugo “diminished” he could still have a great purpose in the world of heroes as a teacher at UA, for example, and accept a life of not fighting as a superhero.

While supporting Izuku in his hero career, it would be the kind of character maturation and growth that Bakugo always needed, as he always wanted to be like All Might: if he ends up being more like Toshinori Yagi, well, that would still be a good point. for him and nice for his character.