My Hero Academia finally reveals Dabi’s true identity

Dabi has revealed his past to the world.

Dabi’s Dance rocked the series with this shocking episode.

the plot of My Hero Academia has taken an unexpected course in the arc of the war, since it have revealed various mysteries around the characters who are fighting on the front lines, which have caused a huge impact on fans of the series.

During this relentless battle it has been seen as Deku has awakened an incredible and powerful new quirkwith which there was managed to neutralize Shigaraki momentarily.

On the other hand, returning to the theme of mysteries and revelations, the last chapter of this series has revealed the Dabi’s true identity, one of the strongest villains, which has taken everyone present in this battle by surprise. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from episode #11 of the sixth season of My Hero Academia.

Dabi hid his true identity for a long time

Dabi or Toya Todoroki, the firstborn of Endeavor

Dabi or Toya Todoroki, the firstborn of Endeavor

Dabi, the powerful antagonist belonging to the League of Villains, seems to have big secrets around his true identity and its origin, since the recent chapter of My Hero Academia has revealed its past, which has caused a great impact on the followers.

The events in My Hero Academia have been causing a big commotionsince enormous revelations have been given that have changed the course of the war completelyas has been the case with the true identity of Dabi, who was supposed to be a fearsome villain from the beginning.

However, apparently all this was part of Dabi’s plan, since he was waiting for the perfect moment to reveal to the world that his name is actually Toya Todoroki and that he is the eldest son of Endeavorwho was left for dead in a terrible accident during his childhood.

Dabi has declared to be the Endeavor and Rei Himura’s firstborn that they married to fulfill Enji Todoroki’s wish to have a son with both quirks who would be able to surpass All Might in all aspects. In view of this, Dabi received rigorous training from his father, because upon noticing that Toya’s fire was more powerful than his, he wanted to inherit his ambitions.

Toya Todoroki was motivated to fulfill his father's selfish wishes

Toya Todoroki was motivated to fulfill his father’s selfish wishes

Toya strove to comply with the wishes of her father, who was still obsessed with his goal. Toya had been training tirelessly for a long time. However, during one of these training sessions, a terrible incident occurred, in which this had died crematedleaving no trace of him, only the lower part of his jaw.

However, Toya did not die, because she hid in the shadows, observing the selfishness of her father who, blinded by his obsession, had another son, who was born with both quirks just as he wanted. Endeavor’s selfish motivations engendered a deep resentment in Dabi who swore revenge on Endeavor’s family.

Dabi, waited for the perfect moment to reveal to the world his true identity and his sad childhood, taking the opportunity to take revenge on his father in this fierce war that has currently been orchestrated, this revelation has caused a great emotional shock for Endeavor who refuses to believe that this is true.

Why did Dabi become a villain?

Dabi's sad past led him to become a villain, in order to obtain his long-awaited revenge.

Dabi’s sad past led him to become a villain, in order to obtain his long-awaited revenge.

Undoubtedly, the revelation of Dabi’s true identity has caused a great commotion in the heroes and also the followers of the series, since no one really expected him to descend from a heroic lineage.

The motivations of Dabi or Toya Todoroki have led him to walk the path of evil, since due to his enormous frustration at not meeting his father’s expectations and considering himself a complete failure, he was brewing inside a deep hatred and resentment towards Endeavor, swearing to take revenge on him. In addition, this villain was observing from the shadows all the inconsistencies and bad deeds that the heroes had been doing, this being another trigger to unmask them, since he does not tolerate the hypocrisy and false morality that they profess before the world.

Dabi has confessed to murdering 30 innocents, classifying himself as a complete villain. In addition, having allied with the forces of evil and working together with them, it has become a clear target for the heroes.