My Hero Academia Finally Reveals Koichi’s Official Name

An expected secret has been revealed within the official spin-off/prequel series of My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia: Vigilanteswhich unfortunately will end its story after six years in just a couple of weeks, and has done justice to Koichi Haimawarithe professional hero who, when leaving the door, still did not have a defined identity, since as a curious fact, since he showed himself to koichi talking about a possible retirement, fans had been seeing each new chapter of the arch of the Naruhata War Like everything is coming to an end.

Which was confirmed with the most recent chapter within the Seriesince the sleeve it will soon come to an end, but it really only started for himself koichisince throughout the series, koichi he worked as an unlicensed vigilante hero and through his work became a major local hero to his small town, but, as the fights got even bigger with each new arc, he couldn’t keep himself so hidden anymore. .

This was the case of the fight with Number sixbut in the last chapter it was mentioned that he would join the Captain Celebrity as a sidekick and would become an official hero in his own right, where it is confirmed that he is now called The Skycrawleras a professional hero operating in New York City.

Now in the chapter 125which is the penultimate chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilanteswe confirm that a few months have passed since the fight with Number six and the consequences have changed Naruhata quite a bit, and the old building of koichi has been uprooted, Kazuho Haneyama has been in rehab to regain her physical abilities and she explains that koichi feel like it was the same. But the cut to own Koichi in the final moments of the chapter he reveals that he has been working in New York City at the official headquarters of the Captain Celebrity.

That is why it was important for this moment to come, since this is where you see koichi ready to unfold and launch from the roof of the building, and is known as “CCC-02 The Skycrawler” while doing so, because not only does that title reveal that his official hero name has now become Skycrawler to reflect his new flying abilities gained during the fight Number sixbut also the codename teases that he had become one of the best companions in the Captain Celebrity and a mighty hero in the American establishment in his own right.