My Hero Academia Finally Reveals Nejire’s Past

Finally we know a little more, about another girl that Horikoshi left in oblivion…

At the beginning of My Hero Academia, we met The Big Three, a group of three outstanding heroes, made up of Amajiki, Mirio, and Nejire. Each of his quirks represented incredible and devastating power, even the entire 1-A class couldn’t stand against them, so throughout the manga their stories have been developedhowever there was a clear absence until now: Nejire.

The update comes from My Hero Academia chapter 361 this week if you are not up to date with the series we recommend reading the version of MangaPlus by Shueisha. Shigaraki is still in an uproar these days against Bakugo, but The Big Three are ready to stop the big bad. Mirio managed to get close to Shigaraki to stop while Amajiki prepared himself in his manner. And as for Nejire, gave fans a glimpse into his past before hitting Shigaraki with everything he’s got.

my hero academia 3621 nejire

In My Hero Academia chapter 361, it was revealed that Nejire joined the hero duo all the way through middle school, both of whom she ended up looking up to.

The series already broke down Mirio’s backstory with Amajiki, so their childhood friendship is well known to fans. Nevertheless, looks like Nejire didn’t join the group until high school. We all know the blue-haired girl is incredibly bubbly, if not airheaded, at times, but that wasn’t always the case. When she started school, Nejire was incredibly quiet due to her own social anxiety, and it was Amajiki who brought the girl out of her shell.

And how did he do that? Well, Amajiki asked Nejire the same question that Mirio asked all those years ago. The boy wanted to know if Nejire had a favorite hero and that gave Nejire a chance to speak freely. The Big Three group soon became inseparable. So in the same way as Amajiki reveres Mirio, the same can be said of Nejire to Amajiki. This look into the past further demonstrates just how close these three heroes are, and soon it will be Amajiki’s turn to show up with a full display of his Vast Hybrid.

My Hero Academia 361 getting closer to the end

My Hero Academia has a lot of pro heroes right now, but some are a cut above the rest. That can be said for most UA High School students right now. From Class 1-A to their teachers and more, the school has some of the best characters to explore, and one of its bubbliest heroines gave readers a lot to think about. Nejire’s past showed us why it was so important to her life..

During the Paranormal Liberation War, assisted in the evacuation of civilians and later easily faced several High-End Nomus. He was able to fight, with the help of Shoto Todoroki, hand-to-hand against an upgraded Tomura Shigaraki. After the arrival of Gigantomachia and being burned by Dabi’s flames, she was able to get back up and with the help of other Heroes she was able to hold off some Nomus while protecting Best Jeanist, albeit with some difficulty.