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Everything indicates that My Hero Academia goes through its last narrative arc as the mother of all battles between heroes and villains takes place. During this event, we finally got a chance to learn about the past of someone who belongs to the big three.

This information was revealed in issue 361 of My Hero Academia And, if you are not up to date with the manga, we warn you that a good number of spoilers are coming that can ruin the experience of reading this story.

As you surely know, Shigaraki fights with Bakugonevertheless, the big three are ready to face him. mirio you did your job too Amajaki was put into action, however, Nejira gave the readers of the manga Kohei Horikoshi a very special detail.

just before Nejire landed a momentous blow on Shigaraki, we had the opportunity to learn a little more about his story, which to date had not been revealed. The manga has already introduced us to Mirio’s relationship with Amajaki, but what about our beloved heroine?

My Hero Academia 361 -Nejire's story
Image: plus sleeve

You’ll see, Nejire didn’t join this group until high school. She didn’t talk to anyone, let’s just say she was very shy not to say closednevertheless, this changed when Amajaki asked him who his favorite hero was. This caused the trio to bond and become best friends..

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When do you release the new chapters of the My Hero Academia manga?

If you are one of those who are not aware of the manga of Kohei Horikoshi, but they want to catch up, we tell you that the new chapter of My Hero Academia is published on Sundays at 10:00 am Central Mexico time through the Manga Plus service..

Best of all, the manga is free, so you don’t have to make balls over revealing bank details and hitting. Now, from the web it is only possible to read up to six episodes, if you use the app, you have access to the entire story, so give yourself the opportunity to read it.

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