My Hero Academia finally shows Hagakure ‘Invisible Girl’ in this official image


At least Kohei Horikoshi no longer left anything to fandom speculation.

For much of My Hero Academia, one of the great mysteries had been the face of Hagakure ‘Invisible Girl’ a young heroine that she could reflect the light around her turning her into an invisible girl. However, in the last chapters of her, her face was revealed thanks to a confrontation against Aoyama, who was obeying All For One’s orders.

As you can see below, Kohei Horikoshi shared on his official Twitter an image showing Hagakure in full body. The artist, who has been a bit missing from social media lately, came online out of the blue to share the special sketch. The piece was inked to highlight the manga’s most recent volume drop, and fans originally thought the heroine on the poster was Ochaco until they got a better look at her.

The artwork shows Hagakure in mid-jump wearing an interesting outfit, dressed in boots and thigh-high pants, the girl looking gorgeous in a peasant blouse and tattered cardigan. Of course, Hagakure is sporting her usual gloves in this shot, and it appears that she was wearing a pirate hat that has since come loose. Although part of her face is obscured by a glove, Hagakure’s face is easy to distinguish, as My Hero Academia removed his traits a few months ago. But since few fans have seen the character, well, you can’t blame them for having to take Hagakure twice before placing her!

Of course, you can see the not-so-invisible girl teaming up with a friend in this poster. Kirishima is dressed in his own pirate gear here, and his abs are on full display. The two of them may not be an obvious pair to combine in battle, but Class 1-A knows how to work as a team no matter the situation.

Toru Hagakure’s face from My Hero Academia

The “Invisible Girl”, Toru Hagakure is a student from Class 1-A of the UA Academy, who finally showed her face in My Hero Academia chapter #337.. After a defensive against Aoyama, she complained to him through tears “What did you think when you came to class?”. Apparently, this betrayal struck a chord with the heroine.

Even though she recognizes Aoyama Yuga as her adversary and is willing to fight order to save Izuku Midoriya’s life, it seems that he still hopes that his old partner will choose the path of good:

Toru Hagakure from My Hero Academia

Despite what happened, Midoriya is quite affected by Aoyama Yuga’s betrayal, whom he still considers his friend (as well as Toru Hagakure).). But given this concern, he will defend him before the council of My Hero Academia heroes who will carry out a key interrogation that seeks to discover everything that happened with respect to All For One, the powerful villain who was controlling him.

Lastly, the much-mentioned chapter of My Hero Academia #337 ends with Midoriya crying saying to him: “Just because you committed a crime doesn’t make you a villain. Grab this hand, Aoyama! You can still become a hero!!!”. It seems that our beloved Izuku Midoriya, like Toru Hagakure, will do everything in his power to make Aoyama Yuga reconsider his actions and be on the side of the heroes again:

my hero academia 337 toru Hagakure invisible face girl

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