My Hero Academia finally shows the true power of Shoto and Dabi


Will this be the end for Dabi or Shoto?

And what could be the move capable of stopping Dabi and the League of Villains? Well it is a new form of Flashfire Fist that we saw in the latest chapter 351 of My Hero Academia manga available at MangaPlus by Shueisha. If you haven’t read it yet, we remind you that this article will contain some spoilersnone very serious.

Shoto calls this new attack Phosphor., and it is an attack that only this boy can do, thus surpassing the expectations of his own father, Endeavor. But what consequences will he bring in the war between the strongest heroes and the most fearsome villains?

According to Shoto, this new attack channels both his quirk ice like its fire. He is able to draw elemental energy into both halves of his body so that they combine in his hand. The result allows Shoto to exert fire throughout his body, and the combined energy in his hand creates an infernal explosion as we saw in My Hero Academia chapter 351.

This new version of Flashfire Fist shows that Shoto is expanding on the knowledge his father passed down to him and overcoming the only weakness his father possessed, being unable to withstand his own burning fire. He may never forgive Endeavor for his abusive ways of teaching, but it is clear that Shoto learned a lot under his command.

The final clash between Shoto Todoroki and Dabi in My Hero Academia 351

Now, it’s Dabi’s turn to heat things up, but his fierce arsenal could not be enough to defeat Shoto. So in My Hero Academia 351 we move forward with his final act, and there’s a lot to do before Izuku can call himself the world’s greatest hero.

Right now, the manga is busy pitting Shoto and Dabi against each other to the delight of readers around the world. The pair were destined for battle even before the summer training camp arc began because of the way their father, Endeavor, has inseparably bonded them together. And now the manga is proving Shoto’s merit with a wild original move.

my hero academia 351 todoroki dabi

The situation came to light once Dabi and Shoto squared off under All Might’s watchful eye. The villain has almost annihilated a state of the Symbol of Peace in his attempt to defeat Shoto, but the younger Todoroki will not give up without a fight. In fact, the last chapter of My Hero Academia 351 confirmed Shoto’s desire to stop Dabi, and even created a new attack to stop him, even if it means taking his life.

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