My Hero Academia: Froppy dives into ponds like an amphibian in this cute cosplay – Senpai

Few characters from My Hero Academia they have managed to enchant our hearts as the naive, but sweet, Froppy has done. She may not be one of the most outstanding students at UA Academy, but there is no doubt that this friendly figure is one of the bravest heroines in all of Musutafu City. For that reason it is that we have loved the following cosplay, which we believe is a worthy tribute made in honor of the waifu created by Kohei Horikoshi.

Image: Min Mmu (Instagram)

Seeing the work that the beautiful Min Mmu has done, we can only take our hats off to such a detailed interpretation. Not only does the cosplayer share a strong resemblance to the heroine created by Kohei Horikoshibut the artist has managed to adapt the costume of this vigilante with a luxury of work in the details.

In this way we have the opportunity to see Min Mmu dressed as a cute little frog: a green spandex suit that is up to the haunches. Were they looking for fidelity? Well, here they have found fidelity.

Image: Min Mmu (Instagram)

In the following image from the set of Min Mmu, we can see our beloved Froppy again, although this time offering us a completely different photograph: now dressed as a cheerleader, Froppy delights us with a sweet image that also allows us to know one of the many costumes that the students of the UA Academy wear. What if we are pleased? As fans of boku no herowe believe that this cosplay is quite a piece of art.

And you, what do you think of this cosplay of Froppy, the reckless heroine of My Hero Academia?


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