My Hero Academia Has No Choice But To Kill Shigaraki

Shigaraki is just one of the moving parts within All For One’s forces in My Hero Academia final fight, with the young villain having his Quirk of Decay being empowered on his journey while gaining several new Quirks as heir to his mentor villain’s powers. With the series’ final battle seemingly underway, fans believe they’ve found a reference to the Shonen series’ past that heralds a certain fate for Shigaraki and raises the question that perhaps not all of the characters are worth saving in the world of UA Academy.

After the War arc, the heroes might have claimed victory against the Paranormal Liberation Front, but it’s a victory that rings hollow. Losing several crime fighters to both death and retirement, hero society was hanging by a thread even before All For One was freed from Tartarus and the villains amassed even more power. With Midoriya checking in on several of the heroes who were injured in this titanic fight set to take place in the anime during this fall’s sixth season of My Hero Academia, fans shared an exchange that indicates Shigaraki may have to pass away. before the battle was over, at least according to Gran Torino:

“At least I’m not dead yet, I can’t join you now, Nana. As for you, Kiddo, don’t be too stubborn to redeem Shigaraki. Sometimes death can also be a form of salvation.”

Villains who end up seeing the light are certainly common in many Shonen franchises, with the likes of Dragon Ball bringing Vegeta and Piccolo to the light side and Naruto even seeing Orochimaru become an ally, but the things Shigaraki did in the past could make a possible redemption arc impossible. Using his mastery of decay to carve through heroes and villains, the death toll hanging over the young villain’s head is too large to ignore. Furthermore, there is absolutely no idea that Shigaraki is looking to become a hero and has expressed no desire other than to watch the hero world burn since he accidentally killed his own family as a child.

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Via Reddit