My Hero Academia has one last epic battle for All Might


It seems that the symbol of peace still has explanations to give to his old antagonist

In the current My Hero Academia arc, All Might, the former symbol of peace, has been demoted to second or third place against the League of Villains. Already from chapter 269 in which All For One puts the entire society of heroes against this mighty warriorwe had seen how the former One For All user fell apart and ceased to be Izuku Midoriya’s teacher: “I have failed society and I have failed you as a teacher.”.

Despite the above, All Might may still have a couple of fights to settle and problems to iron out, all thanks to the main series spinoff, My Hero Academia: Vigilante Illegals.. ANDThis is a prequel that tells the story of a young hero who admires All Might and all he stands for.Just like Izuku Midoriya. The adventures we see take place in an era where this hero’s power had just started to wane from the peak of his, but it was still far from the end of his career.

my hero academia all might fight

In fact, we have witnessed how its power was greater than its own title as “Symbol of Peace”, for example, in the arc of Tokyo Sky Egg, we see unleash all his fury with Captain Celebrity, the greatest hero of the United States (position that would later be occupied by Star & Stripes). Still, All Might’s appearances in Watchmen have been increasingly sparse, just like in the main series, and a look at his daily life back then gave one reason: he’s too busy and can’t be everywhere at all times. the time To the point that Koichi, the main character of this spin-off, was sent to find All Might to face a terrible threat, but ended up facing Six on his own.

my hero academia all might fight

This is not the first time that All Might disappeared in My Hero Academia: Vigilante illegals, in chapter 103, when other great heroes like Best Jeanist and Endeavor came to the battlefield, there was still no sign of All Might… it was until chapter 122, where the muscular hero made a dramatic entrance with his iconic catchphrase, “I’m here!” with the strength and style of him that his fans already know. In a couple of seconds, this mighty warrior took out dozens of lesser enemies. In the end, All For One curses his nemesis’s interference, as usual.. However, Number Six is ​​still alive, so the fight isn’t over yet, even though his body has been reduced to little more than a pile of bones.

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All Might’s final battle is coming in My Hero Academia: Vigilante Illegals

During the middle 19 chapters of this My Hero Academia: Vigilante Illegals story arc, Koichi has taken an incredible beating while trying to fend off one of the most dangerous villains in the entire franchise to date, breaking so many bones that he already realized that this could be his last fight as a hero. Just like Deku, Koichi admires All Might tremendously, to the point where his vigilante costume is just an All Might costume-themed hoodie..

my hero academia all might fight

Koichi, protagonist of My Hero Academia: Vigilante Illegals wearing his All Might inspired outfit

While from a narrative perspective All Might’s arrival would seem to take away from the drama due to his essentially invincible nature, it’s Koichi’s connection to the hero that makes this worthy of a climactic appearance. And, from a meta perspective, giving a character as big as All Might one last awesome moment to see him off as My Hero Academia pushes towards its biggest end is a move sure to please fans.

We may even get to witness his final big fight against All For One that knocked him out in this spin-off.. However, we will have to wait for the main story to progress and reveal more of its secrets, but surely its fans will be very happy to witness this important event in the universe created by Kohei Horikoshi in the first seat.

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