My Hero Academia has started the ultimate war between Heroes and Villains

Finally, All For One has come to directly attack the fortress of the heroes, what will Midoriya and All Might do now?

As you can imagine, all eyes are on Kohei Horikoshi’s manga thanks to My Hero Academia chapter 343., Well, we finally had some resolutions of the final arc of this saga and the beginning of the second war that will culminate in the combat between All For One and One For All. And thanks to chapter 343, we know what the manga looks like when it goes PLUS ULTRA!

For those keeping up with the manga, the story of Deku and company has been accelerating at breakneck speed ever since their professional heroes made a foray into the League long ago., and the UA students had had to take refuge inside the academy. Since then, All For One and his villains have revolutionized society and their crusade has gone global. Now our heroes must work together once again to stop All For One for good, and Deku is on the front lines of the fight.

Chapter 343 of My Hero Academia begins with the terrifying arrival of All For One within the walls of the Fortress to which the UA students had just moved. But, as Tomura Shigaraki is still in recovery, he is the only one who does not he had arrived with the villain. However, this was the best option this villain thought of. Likewise, our heroes have still been working from start to finish without resting, so you know they’re not going to let this battle get out of hand.

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The beginning of the end in My Hero Academia 343

In My Hero Academia chapter 343, we finally saw the outcome of Aoyama Yuga’s betrayal arc and the beginning of the Second War between the two sides. It all started when the “young traitor” summoned Deku to the top of a building shortly after they moved into the Fortress created by Cementoss to tell him All For One’s plan. However, there was something strange in the atmosphere that Deku immediately noticed.

At that peak, he told him that thanks to the help of his parents’ legal team, the heroes’ board had decided to free him without major problems (as Professor Aizawa himself had foretold). But, something strange happened at that moment: instead of celebrating with the rest of the UA students, who had supported him even against All For One and company, Aoyama begins to tell him the details of All For One’s plan: Destabilize the world by creating scarcity of resources and using their gifts to economically control those nations.

my hero academia 343 aoyama all for one

Finally, it seems that this traitor had returned to the side of the heroes when Aoyama tells him in My Hero Academia 343 that it was all a trap. The hero couldn’t resist the idea of ​​protecting his family from him, even if it meant abandoning his friends at the UA, all in order to have a place in this villain’s new world. Thus, the villain ascends behind him: “How terrifying it must have been to disappoint your friends like that. How heartbreaking it is to betray someone who has put all their faith in you.” Deku was in shock, he couldn’t believe that in the end his great friend had just sold him to All For One.

my hero academia 343

But, his disappointment didn’t last long as Aoyama Yuga attacked the villain with his lightning bolt and rebelled against him.. From one moment to the next, the student launches a laser beam directly at All For One’s stomach, who manages to dodge it by sheer luck. “That was an incredible performance, Aoyama!” Deku yelled at him in My Hero Academia 343 after his revelation as hero and ally. For his part, Aoyama Yuga congratulated his partner, who was able to trick All For One into letting his guard down.

my hero academia 343

The villain confesses his surprise in his words: “How is this possible? I didn’t detect any lies or doubts. Not even when I talked to his parents…” However, All For One was already prepared for this moment and used his quirk search to detect the remoteness of heroes and bring their allies to the battlefield. But nevertheless, Deku and Aoyama had also not shown all their weapons when they used Kurogiri to transport the strongest heroes to start the first battle of the Second War in My Hero Academia chapter 343..

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