My Hero Academia: Hawks will watch over and protect the city with this amazing cosplay

One of the most popular series is My Hero Academiawhose fifth season ended just under a year ago and fans are waiting for the next one, which will arrive in the fall of this year and we will see the heroes in action againespecially the professionals who have won the hearts of many like Endeavor and Hawks.

Hawks is known to be the former No.3 herobut following the withdrawal of All Mightbecame the No. 2 hero, due to his high intelligence, which he calls into question at times with his carefree and youthful attitude, but despite this, he is always on constant alert for the appearance of any villain.

Through Instagram, cosplayer Kyokostar000 shared an incredible version of Hawks, who is ready for battle, as a possible villain has appeared, so you will have to be very quick and cunning to prove that the No. 2 hero.

Source: Instagram @kyokostar000

As you can see, the artist respected very well the style that Hawks has, such as his black t-shirt with gold or yellow patterns, as well as his classic brown jacket with a high collar and cuffs on the sleeves, while wearing matching pants and black gloves.

This outfit definitely goes well with his youthful appearance and even makes his red wings stand out a bit more, showing how skilled he can be at protecting the people of the city and we saw it very clearly when he fought alongside Endeavor. against a Nomu in My Hero Academia.

Without a doubt, his Gift of Stiff Wings is perfect to save anyone who is in danger. and not for nothing has he earned his place as the No. 2 hero. What do you think of this cosplay hawk’s My Hero Academia?


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