My Hero Academia: Himiko Toga will cause trouble in this amazing cosplay

The long-awaited season 6 of My Hero Academia is getting closer and many want it to be the fall season already to see what the young students and professional heroes will have to face, while many will remember some characters, especially Himiko Toga, who has become the favorite.

Himiko Toga is one of the main antagonists of the anime series created by Kohei Korikoshi and is a member of the famous League of Villains, who has stood out for her great skills and that make her one of the most important villains and a cosplayer proves it.

This is Himiko Toga

Through Instagram, the Australian artist Dangodango_cosplay shared an incredible version of this villain of My Hero Academiawho shows part of her crazy personality, but will also be willing to do anything to end the heroes or even be next to Deku.

Source: Instagram @dangodango_cosplay

As you can see, the cosplayer respected Himiko’s essence very well, like her hairstyle with two pigtails, her characteristic yellow eyes and her school uniform, since the character likes to dress that way. In the same way he carries a knife with her to be able to absorb the blood of her opponents and to be able to steal a little of her appearance and power.

But above all, this version of the villain of My Hero Academia It is her resplendent smile with two long fangs, which also characterizes her by her Gift, which is that of transformation and that gives her the ability to become another person, as well as copy her voice, also her power, as long as there is ingested his blood.

What do you think of this cosplay of My Hero Academia?


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