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Of all the characters of My Hero Academia, there is no one that has caught our attention as the wicked and always beautiful Himiko Toga has done. This powerful member of the League of Villains has given the heroes of Musutafu more than a headache, and has let us see some of the most incredible battles in Boku no Hero. It was precisely for this reason that we loved this body paintIt is a sensational performance about the beautiful warrior.

Musutafu’s greatest villain

An excellent interpretation | Image: Intraventus (Twitter)

Seeing the work that the artist Intraventus has done playing Himiko Toga, we can only do emphasis on the effortless and detailed characterization that the cosplayer has made of the character of Kohei Horikoshi.

In this way we can see that the artist She is using white, gray, black, red and blue body paint, with which she has shaped Himiko Toga’s classic villain wardrobe on her skin., which is composed in addition to sailor fuku, by the blood suction machine.

A perfidious murderer | Image: Intraventus (Twitter)

In the following image from the Intraventus set we can see Himiko Toga again, although now offering us a certainly different profile: posing malevolently before the camera, as if he were about to commit some terrible and irreversible act. Is he about to assassinate Ochako Uraraka?

A character as beautiful as it is terrible | Image: Bones

Himiko Toga is one of the most iconic characters around My Hero Academia, and although her powers do not at all compare to those of other beings like All For One or Tomura Shigaraki, there is no doubt that this scheming member of the League of Villains has managed to sneak into our hearts as one of the sweetest criminals to ever see. have ever been seen in anime history.

And you, what do you think of this cosplay body paint de Himiko Toga?


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