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As My Hero Academia is in its final arc Deku’s final quirk has just been revealed. After years of developing the rest of the One for All powers, we finally know what the last one does. With it, Deku is able to change the speed of what he touches.

My Hero Academia Revealed Deku's Ultimate Quirk
Source: Shueisha

The final quirk is known as gearshift and involves making physical contact with the target. After that, whatever you touch can be made to go at immense speeds or come to a complete stop. The most striking thing about this is that it can be used on rivals or even on the same user.

In fact, in the most recent number of My Hero Academia we saw how Deku used it against Shigaraki. Since the hero used it on himself to speed up his blows and thus cause much more damage. Not to mention, he sped up his movement so as not to give him a moment’s rest.

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Now that all the One for All quirks are unleashed, we will surely see Deku at his full potential. Which seems more and more necessary according to the most recent events of My Hero Academia. The final stretch already feels closer and the tone is getting more and more epic.

What has happened in My Hero Academia?

The most recent number of My Hero Academia it showed us Uraraka and Asui fighting Toga. It should be noted that the villain is using Twice’s powers to create an army of clones. Which she is showing to be a great difficulty for all the heroes.

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia shows the power of Toga together with that of Twice
Source: Shueisha

Towards the end of the manga, Uraraka gets too upset with Toga’s actions. For this reason, he decides to face her alone, but it seems that we will have to wait for the conclusion in the next chapter. Do you think the heroine can defeat her on her own?

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