My Hero Academia: How did Mineta get into the UA hero course?

Minoru Mineta, also known by his alias Newly Chosen Hero: Grape Juice, has often been a point of contention among fans of My Hero Academia. Many have come to see the character as a nuisance within the series due to his perverted attitude, in which he regularly looks at the female heroes and is not ashamed of his behavior.

Although Mineta’s powers have been useful at times, they are not as impressive as those of the rest of her teammates. And what’s worse, Minoru repeatedly goes berserk when he finds himself in an unfavorable situation, leading him to recklessly use his quirk or cry uncontrollably. This has led to many fans of the MHA wondering how Mineta was able to pass the UA entrance exam and study at the best hero academy in Japan.

In episode 4, “Start Line”, Midoriya and other future students have to complete a 10-minute battle drill in an urban setting to test their fighting abilities. Hizashi Yamada, Present Mic, informs them that there are three types of fake villains and that each one has a different level of difficulty. Those who manage to accumulate the most points will pass the exam and become intern heroes at the UA. Many of the main characters from the series are showcased in this episode and are shown destroying a bunch of villainous robots throughout the episode. However, Mineta doesn’t appear until episode 5, “What I Can Do For Now,” and this has left fans stumped as to how she managed to take on these gigantic foes.

Mineta’s quirk, Pop Off, allows her to produce and pop ball-shaped objects out of her head. He often uses them as projectiles, which stick to whatever surface he throws them on, in an effort to incapacitate his opponents by blinding them or making them unable to move. Minoru is able to use his quirk repeatedly, but if he does it excessively he will start bleeding from his scalp. Therefore, while Mineta’s Quirk can be useful, it is often situational and used in combination with the powers of those around him. Instead of leading from the front like Midoriya, Todoroki, or Bakugo, Mineta’s Quirk works best when he acts in a supporting role.

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This further confuses the fact that Mineta was able to single-handedly defeat enough robots to complete the UA entrance exam. However, the creator of MHA, Kohei Horikoshi, touched on Mineta’s exam strategy and clarified the questions that fans have been asking since the beginning of the first season. Horikoshi commented that “his Quirk [el de Mineta] it’s actually quite strong. The goal of the entrance test was to incapacitate the fake villain robots, so Mineta stuck her balls into the ground and walls, basically setting up traps that would immobilize the robots. She also plugged her cannons with balls.”

Ultimately, it was quick thinking and understanding of the potential of her quirk that allowed Mineta to succeed in the UA entrance exam. Although not as fast as Izuku or as powerful as Todoroki, Mineta managed to create a winning strategy without panicking (at least for too long).

fans are likelyof the MHA keep berating Mineta for her misguided nature and chafe at her overreactions. However, perhaps the little guy deserves a little more credit when it comes to the power of his weirdness and his ability to think on the fly. After all, he is studying at one of the most prestigious hero institutions and manages to stay in the top half of his class, all the while getting himself out of a series of sticky situations.