My Hero Academia: How to watch Boku No Hero in order?

Find out how to watch Boku No Hero Academia in order.

It is well known to all that Boku no Hero Academia is one of the biggest anime from the actuality. The series masterfully applies the shonen formula to the world of superheroes, as opposed to Marvel and DC. It is true that, although his argument is simple and accessible, seeing the series in order can become somewhat tedious, so here we bring you this article where we will clarify everything about the chronology of this work.

So far the anime consists of 5 seasons, 3 movies and 7 OVAswhich have been released over the last 6 yearsand with season 6 just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to catch up on the series. The one in charge of giving life to all these stories is the Bones animation studiowho has previously animated series such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood either Mob Psycho 100.

My Hero Academia: How to watch Boku No Hero in order? – Movies and series

How to watch Boku No Hero in order is not really difficult. So as long as you follow the order that we are going to present to you below, it will work. Of course, take it easy, because this anime deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest.

OVA 3 – All Might Awakens

This special episode was premiered as prequel to the 1st moviein the year 2019. In it we are shown All Might’s past, the greatest hero of all time. He is set some decades before than the rest of the work.

This chapter premiered in Japan in the physical edition of the 1st film. In Spain it is not currently available.

Season 1

Premiered in april 2016, was the starting signal for the series on the small screen. It is the shortest to date, since it consists of 13 chapters, almost half than the rest. In it we see the entrance of the new students to the UA and how they are their first tests to become heroes.

Chapters 1 to 4 adapt the ‘Entrance Exam Arc’while the next two chapters focus on the ‘Arc of Gift Comprehension’. The ‘Test Fight Arc’ is made up of the following 3 chapters, and the season closes with the ‘USJ Arc’from chapter 9 to 13.

It can currently be enjoyed on Netflix Spain, in VOSE and dubbed into Spanish. And, if you are a big fan of the series, there is also a physical edition distributed by Selecta Visión.

OVA 1 – ‘Save! training rescue’

This chapter serves as link between the first and second season. First premiered at the event ‘Jumpfesta 2016’celebrated in November of that same year, and a few months later, shortly after the premiere of the first episode of the 2nd season, on DVD.

After recovering from the events of the first season, the students of the 1st A class carry out an activity in which simulate an emergency situation in which they have to rescue some companions. In the middle of the activity, a villain comes out of nowhere which will complicate everything.

Unfortunately, this episode is not available on any streaming platform or in physical edition in Spain.

Season 2 – Episodes 1 to 20

In april 2017a year after the premiere of the first season, this new batch of chapters began, where the protagonists begin to open up more to the world. This also means that they are more exposed to the villains and their plans to kill the superheroes.

The story fractions covered in the first part of this season are the ‘AU Sports Festival Arc’ Y ‘Arc Against the Hero Killer’.

OVA 2 – ‘Death Training’

Chronologically located in the middle of the second season and premiered during its broadcast, tells us about an activity that the 1st A class does with three students from another institute. In addition, it has a small prologue in which it is briefly revealed to us Tsuyu Asui’s past before entering the UA

In Japan, like most OVAs, it was distributed on DVD, included in one of the manga volumes, more specifically in the 14th. Like the first OVA, this one cannot currently be seen in Spain.

Season 2 – Episodes 21 to 25

This second part of season 2 adapts the ‘Final Exams Arc’ and focuses on one of the practical tests that students must pass, which consists of the students must stand in pairs and fight one of his teachers.

The entire 2nd season is available, in the same way as the first, on Netflix Spain and in a physical edition, both in VOSE and completely dubbed into Spanish.

Movie 1 – Two Heroes

The debut of this universe on the big screen tells us how our protagonists travel to the I-Expo, a convention in which all kinds of objects related to the most important heroes are exhibited. Some villains enter the fair and begin to sow chaosand the only ones capable of stopping them are Deku and his friends.

The premiere in Japanese cinemas was in August 2018, while in Spain it was not available until May 2020, where it was released directly in streaming.

Season 3 – Episodes 1 to 14

Premiered in april 2018this new season adapts in its first 7 episodes the ‘Forest Training Bow’in which the 1st grade students go on an excursion to a forest in which they will train with new pro heroes. In episodes 8 to 12 they tell us the events of the ‘Lair Raid Arc’in which one of the most emotional and important moments of the entire series. This part of the season ends with a portion of the ‘Interim Exam Arc’where we see how they prepare for that exam, and that continues in the second part of the season.

OVA 4 – ‘Do It! Survival training, do or die’

In the same way that occurs with the 2nd OVA, this occurs during one of the seasons, in this case the 3rd. premiered in August 2020 in Japan, and a few weeks later, in the rest of the world through Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Is composed of 2 chapters in which we are told how the 1st A students do a rescue test in preparation for the provisional hero license examwhere it is very common for there to be such a challenge.

Season 3 – Episodes 15 to 25

In this second part of the season we see how the provisional hero license examand how it begins ‘Shie Hassaikai Arc’which only lasts for the last two episodes of this batch of episodes, but which will continue during the 4th season.

This season is the only one that right now, unfortunately, cannot be enjoyed from Spain on any streaming platform or on DVD or Blu-Ray.

my hero academia season 3

Season 4 – We continue to tell you how to watch Boku No Hero in order

This was the first season that we were able to enjoy in simulcast in Spainsince september 2019. The ‘Shie Hassaikai Arc’, which the previous season introduced, reaches chapter 15 of this 4th. Then we have the ‘Remedial Course Arc’, for the next 6 episodes. From episode 18 to 23 they adapt the ‘AU School Festival Arc’ And finally, we have the introduction of the ‘Professional Heroes Arc’with only 2 episodes in this season.

This batch of episodes is complete on the Crunchyroll platform.

Movie 2 – Rise of Heroes

This second feature film it was the first of the series to be released in Spainin september 2020, with a difference of 10 months from the Japanese premiere. This original story shows us how the 1st A class travels to a small island, where peace reigns, until the appearance of a powerful villainwhom they will have to face him alone.

You can watch the film on different streaming platforms, in addition to being able to get hold of the physical edition launched by Selecta Visión, who also handled the theatrical release.

Season 5 – Episodes 1 to 16

In March 2021 began the issuance of the considered, practically unanimously, the worst season of the series. It began with the continuation of the ‘Professional Heroes Arc’, which lasted for two more chapters. The season continues with ‘Collective Training Arc’where classes 1st A and B they separate into groups and fight, which lasts 10 chapters.

Chapter 13 belongs to ‘Liberation Army Arc’, which will continue in the second part of the season. Then they adapt the first episodes of the ‘Endeavor’s Agency Arc’. Episode 16 is completely original to the anime and serves as a prequel to the third film..

OVA 5 – Liftoff

This episode included in the physical edition of the film # 3 of the series also serves as prequel Of the same. Adapted from a short manga chaptertells us how our protagonists board a plane to go on their next adventure.

Unfortunately, in Spain it is not currently available.

Movie 3 – World Heroes Quest

Released and chronologically located in the middle of the 5th season, it hit Japanese theaters in August 2021 and only 3 months later to the Spanish. The plot revolves around a mysterious terrorist organization that threatens to eliminate all Gifted people from the planet and as heroes from all over the world collaborate to stop them.

Right now, the film can be enjoyed on streaming platforms and in physical edition, just like the others, by Selecta Visión.

boku no hero academia

Season 5 – Episodes 17 to 25

Following the events of the 3rd and final film thus far, the story of the ‘Endeavor’s Agency Arc’. Before adapting the remaining chapters of the ‘Liberation Army Arc’they present us with a chapter that belongs to the ‘Paranormal Liberation Front Arc’, to which the last episode of the season also belongs. The controversy and negative criticism towards this season are generated because Bones altered the order of the arches, lengthened and convoluted them.all with the aim of giving greater promotion to the premiere of the 3rd film.

The season can be enjoyed in its entirety on Crunchyroll.

OVA 6 – HLB!

This special episode released simultaneously worldwide in August 2022tells us how our protagonists participate in a hero baseball tournament, organized by some professional heroes who like to play this sport together in their free time.

This chapter can be enjoyed on Crunchyroll.

OVA 7 – Laugh Hell!

Released in conjunction with OVA #6, this episode shows us the pursuit of a vandalistic villain by the main trio and Endeavor, the professional hero, whom the police have not yet managed to catch.

Like the previous OVA, this one can be seen on Crunchyroll.

When does the sixth season of My Hero Academia arrive?

The first episode of the sixth season of Boku No Hero arrives on Crunchyroll on October 1. This next season is gradually approaching a fundamental part of the manga, where the death of one of the protagonists will mark this story forever.

Visual boku no hero 6
Visual of My hero Academia season 6.

And so far the article on how to see Boku no Hero in chronological order. As you may have seen, it is not an extremely long series if we compare it with others like Naruto either dragon ballbut that has a large number of extra adventures that can make the task of seeing it in a correct chronological order very tedious.

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