My Hero Academia: Illegals sets a date for the final chapter of the spin off manga

One of the most popular stories My Hero Academia is a few days away from reaching its end, now that its creators have set a date for the last chapter of My Hero Academia: Illegals.

For those who don’t know him yet, Illegals is a spin-off of the main work of Kohei Horikoshi that has been published within the Manga Plus platform for 6 years. Its authors Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court have currently published 125 chapters on the platform and 14 printed compilation volumes. But now both authors declared that My Hero Academia: Illegals will meet its end in the next chapter 126.

The chapter in question will be published during the May 28, 2022 through Shonen Jump+ App and also through MangaPlus. It is certainly news that has taken fans of boku no hero especially now that the main manga is also on its way to its final stage.

What is My Hero Academia: Illegals about?

If you are still not very aware My Hero Academia: Illegals (also known as Vigilant) is a story that takes place five years before of the events of the story of author Kohei Horikoshi, a time when villain attacks were more recurrent and the profession of “professional hero” was not yet fully regulated.

The story revolves around the young Koichi Haimawari who becomes a vigilante (unlicensed hero, therefore illegal) after being accused by criminals. As the manga progresses, familiar faces from the main series appear and how the protagonist interacts with them (directly or indirectly).

The series is inspired by Alan Moore’s work, Watchmen | Image: Shueisha

Have you read the spin off manga of My Hero Academia: Illegals?


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