My Hero Academia: Illustration presents a new side of Katsuki Bakugo

inside the world of My Hero Academia there are many impressive heroes with great skillsbut it seems that none have been able to overcome the popularity that Katsuki Bakugo has, but that he has only been able to be surpassed by Izuku Midoriya, but the former bully has changed his personality a bit.

One of the work assistants Kohei Horikoshi shared an amazing sketch on Twitter in which shows Bakugo’s feelings in a different way, since despite being someone rudewe know that he will always be the best friend of our protagonist.

The image has undoubtedly left fans with various mixed feelings, as it has shown that despite his personality, Bakugo will also watch over his best friend. But here we leave you the tender image for you to enjoy.

Source: Twitter @nstime23

the sketch of My Hero Academia done in black and white shows a calm and relaxed Bakugo, but it doesn’t say much, since they have a young Deku on his lap, representing that this character is still longing for his childhood friends.

Deku seems to be taking a nap, so his friend will let him sleep all day and he won’t deny him a good night’s sleep. This illustration for fans of My Hero Academia It has driven them crazy, by showing a new facet of Bakugo.

Within the history of manga and anime, Bakugo and Deku they have one of the most complicated plots, and that is that in their childhood they had a nasty fight, which led the explosive character to become someone who bothered others, but recently their relationship has improved.

Although both are no longer as close as before, we know that their esteem for each other will be present until the last day of their lives. What did you think of this image of Bakugo?


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