My Hero Academia in chapter 365 alludes to Goku’s attack

In chapter 365 of the My hero Academia manga, All For One alludes to a possible version of Goku’s Energy Ball or “Genki-dama”

Everything you read from now on will be considered Spoilers for chapter 365 of the My Hero Academia manga. Read at your own risk.

In said chapter, the villain All For One speculates about how the ending of My Hero Academia: having to face a kind of Energy Ball in the purest style of Goku in the Dragon Ball franchise. Yes indeed, It would not be by means of a massive energy sphere, but through the invocation of the ghost of the old “me” of All Might. We explain them below.

All For One, who now resides in Tomura Shigaraki, in her fight against America’s now-deceased No. 1 hero: Cathleen Bate, aka Star and Stripe, had to deal with both the stolen singularity of this, New Order (causing the rest of singularities that reside within it to rebel), like the ghost of a young All Might.

According to the main villain of My Hero Academia, this is due to the phenomenon that the consciences of the users reside in their peculiarities, so that when All For One absorbs these powers, the consciences are also transferred to the user, experiencing the echoes of the original mind and spirit. We understand now, how when the villain took over New Order power, he saw All Might: he was the reflection of all the inspiration that the greatest hero in history had for Star and Stripe.

All this leads us to As All For One contains numerous stolen quirks, it is susceptible to the conscious thoughts of the original bearers. But what does Goku paint in all this? Well, precisely, his most powerful attack, the Genki-dama, consists of a powerful ball of energy that is formed when Goku requests his energy from all forms of life on the planet or the entire universe in order to defeat his enemies. Thus, somehow, Deku, protagonist of My Hero Academia and guarantor of One For All, in the final battle, could call upon all the heroes whose powers were stolen by All For One for help and summon All Might’s rejuvenated spirit to its fullest splendor.

The number 1 hero of My Hero Academia

Because if My Hero Academia has achieved something, especially through the greatest hero there has ever been, All Might, it is to ignite our hearts with true heroism.