My Hero Academia Informs Fans Of Kurogiri’s Identity Crisis

my hero academia introduced countless heroes and villains throughout its history, with one of the most tragic examples of the two being Shigaraki’s right-hand man, Kurogiri. With the final act of the Shonen series set within the pages of its manga by creator Kohei Horikoshi, it seems the current state of Kurogiri’s mental state has been revealed, along with the heroes’ plan which involves the alter of the teleporter antagonist who was once known as the young hero Oboro.

Warning. If you haven’t followed my hero academia‘s manga, you might want to go back now because we’re going to dive into spoilers for the final chapter and the war arc.

Unfortunately for the heroes of UA Academy and their mentors, Aizawa and Present Mic were unable to bring Kurogiri, aka Oboro Shirakumo, to the Light Side, with the villain seemingly in a catatonic state as explained by Eraserhead in the latest. manga chapter. :

“I couldn’t reach him myself and we don’t even know if he’s more Kurogiri or Shirakumo at this point. Since I lost my eye, my ‘Erasure’ is anything but useless, which means I’ll be sidelined in the future. battle.”

To make up for not knocking down Kurogiri, Aizawa proposes that Monoma, the Class 1-B student whose Quirk allows him to duplicate the powers of anyone he comes in contact with for a brief period, learn Oboro’s new teleport skills to aid in the battle against All For One and his villainous army. Although Monoma only had a few days to master this power, it seems that the UA Academy student was able to do so with enthusiasm by teleporting a large number of heroes right in front of All For One and his forces, throwing this which could be the final battle of My Hero Academia.

While the forces on both sides are quite extensive, it looks like every hero and villain is going to have their own unique moments to shine, as All Might’s plan is to trap certain heroes and villains in large cages, again thanks to part in Monoma having the Quirk down pat teleport.

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