My Hero Academia introduced the Avengers as villains

This is the fun crossover that My Hero Academia made with Avengers.

Like many popular anime and manga series, My Hero Academia has a prequel, sequel, or spin off series to get to know the characters better or continue the story line. This is the case of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, a manga (Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court) based on the original work of mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, which delve into the story of a new vigilante hero, Haimawari Koichi, whose mission is to make the streets a safe space.

But in this regard, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has a lighter style than the original My Hero Academia, with funny cameos from other series, including a Thomas the Tank Engine-inspired villain named Tommy S. Gordon. Also, another important cameo is when the Marvel Comics superhero team, the Avengers, is introduced as secondary villains within the story.

Actually, we can say that the secondary story of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes does not try to parody the series nor is it a complement that should be left aside. It is, on the contrary, a substantial story due to the creativity with which it is developed, with a characterization of both the scenes and the quite interesting characters that give this manga a touch of its own. With the appearance of multiple guest charactersLike the R-rated hero, Midnight, and the brilliant Endeavor, we recognize a fusion that has held us deeply.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes as an invitation to many characters

However, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is not the main story, so its creators could get to take some creative liberties with this peculiar story and also explore ideas that would seem out of place or would not work the same way in My Hero Academia. Even within these freedoms, they have already considered, or could consider, internet memes or other cameos just as striking as those that have been presented so far. In fact, we also included in this list the villainous group Abegawa Tenchu ​​Kai, whose appearances have only just begun.

Regarding Abegawa Tenchu ​​Kai, Watchers had a memorable moment. A cruel vigilante named Stendhal, who would later become the murderous hero, learned of Abegawa Tenchu ​​Kai’s whereabouts and left. But later on Stendhal caught the villains off guard and killed them, including the four main members of this criminal group. It was actually about seven members, who are ** inspired by the MCU’s Avengers ** and the fun way this scene unfolded really thrilled fans.

It is not news that the My Hero Academia series has been based on lots of elements from American comics and movies from Star Wars, with Gran Torino as the new Yoda or Yuga Aoyama imitating Cyclops Scott Summers. But on this occasion, the original heroes are not only simple villains, but they are also murdered as soon as they are introduced. This is what differentiates Vigilantes from My Hero Academia, the main series, since in Vigilantes any event can happen or take an unexpected turn. Here, the avengers are disposable villains, and that definitely wouldn’t be in the original My Hero Academia story.

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