My Hero Academia introduces a brutal new power never seen before

The My Hero Academia: Vigilantes series has introduced a brutal new superpower that has never been seen before. It is almost spiritual!

My Hero Academia has presented the advance of a new and amazing can beyond the singularity of Quirk. She has done it in the last chapter of the spin-off vigilantes. The quirks singularity theory remains one of the most interesting theories in the franchise created by kohei Horikoshi. It was already reported that the quirks would strengthen and develop until they became so mixed up that they would become impossible for anyone to control. The main series has been toying with this idea as Tomura Shigaraki it grew stronger.

Looks like the manga My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has gone one step further. In his new episode we have witnessed the great fight between crawler and Number Six. This fight has caused both of them to take their own powers further. Each of them has grown stronger in their own way and unlocked new abilities within their respective quirks. They have reached a point where even All For One he is curious to know how it is possible for them to have become so strong. In fact, they note that they have found “a new domain of power that goes beyond the singularity«.

An almost spiritual power that surpasses the singularity

As the fight between Crawler and Number Six reached a new height of brutality, it was as if the two characters reached a level of resonance where their bodies and minds almost fought each other. Chapter 120 of My Hero Academia: Vigilante It begins with All For One watching this fight from the sidelines and realizing that the battle has reached such a point that they both draw a concrete energy and power from their quirks like never seen before. All For One can’t even fully comprehend it. It is something intangible, almost spiritual. And All For One is very interested in it.

How do you pick up in Comic Book, the All For One character suggests that the two heroes have gone a step beyond the singularity. «They have crossed some unknown frontier, beyond the bright light. The domain beyond the singularity itself. But how do you get there?«, asks All For One in My Hero Academia: Vigilante. This is a good question, as the spin-off’s story takes place years before the events of the main series. In fact, this fight could be the reason so much progress was made on the singularity years later. We will see how they progress in this regard.