My Hero Academia Introduces America’s Number One Hero

My Hero Academia is about to face Shigaraki once more, and it is unknown what kind of power this villain has. After undergoing a procedure to improve himself, Japan’s remaining professional heroes are left to bolster their forces against evil. Now, it seems that a lot of foreign professionals are ready to bring aid to Japan, and one of them turns out to be the greatest hero of the United States.

The hero, or rather the heroine, was shown to fans at the end of My Hero Academia chapter 328. The moment came after readers saw the United Nations discuss All For One in Japan. Despite some pointed spikes, the leaders agreed to send help as Japan’s problem with All For One would be the first place terrified of the villains. But it turns out that America’s main hero had already left for Japan against orders to help All Might.

The heroine in question is appropriately known as Star and Stripe. The woman is seen standing on a stealth fighter plane, and the woman could give Captain America a run for his money. After all, Star and Stripe is dressed in patriotic garb, and her wild blonde hair certainly fits the Marvel hero. But when it comes to styling her mane, well, that style is all based on All Might.

Very little is known about Star and Stripe at this time, but My Hero Academia fans are hoping to learn more. She appears to be fiercely loyal to her friends, as she considers All Might to be a mentor. Heroin is also proactive, refusing to wait for any snooty politician to give her permission to help. This kind of gun-ho attitude is sure to help cheer up the spirits in Japan, and fans are eager to see what Star and Stripe can do in battle.

This isn’t the first US pro heroine to debut in My Hero Academia, but she is the most powerful. If you read the manga’s side story, Captain Celebrity was featured in My Hero Academia: Vigilante. The shallow hero went through a wild rehab while in Japan, and one of her great battles was against an All For One croonie. Now, Star and Stripe joins the roster, and fans around the world embrace her.