My Hero Academia is about to do the biggest spoiler in its history

The big reveal about My Hero Academia is upon us. Izuku’s secret is about to be uncovered and it contains the biggest spoiler.

My Hero Academia is very close to making the biggest spoiler in its history. The anime is kicking off the main action of the war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front with the sixth season of the series. The most recent episode of the series led to Izuku Midoriya one step closer to fully revealing his big secret of “One For All” to the public.

The story of the epic revelation “All For One”

The previous episode of My Hero Academia already announced that a much stronger version of Tomura Shigaraki was going to make an appearance. In the last episode, it was shown that the villain is actually much more dangerous with his whole range of new abilities. But with the power of “All For One” also comes a strange desire that Shigaraki he is realizing.

With Shigaraki taking further advantage of the “All For One” powers that his own master has passed down to him in the new episode of My Hero Academia, Izuku has been seen forced into action as the villain now seeks the power of “One For All” directly. Although he is just as confused about what this power is, the fact that he says “One For All” out loud attracts the attention of endeavor and of the other heroes, because Izuku’s great secret, his great spoiler, is now closer to coming to light than ever.

The summary of what happened at the end of the chapter

In My Hero Academia Episode 119, Shigaraki is overcome with the need to obtain the power of “One For All” from the voice of “All For One” inside his head. Using a new power to search for the ability, she finds Izuku and goes towards him.. It is during all of this that Endeavor hears the word “One For All” for the first time. And, through that communication, Izuku finds out that Shigaraki is hunting him specifically. Taking matters into their own hands, Izuku and Bakugo then attempt to lure Shigaraki out.

This ends up being a success, but he also needed to tell Endeavor that Shigaraki was looking for him specifically. Right now it’s chaos, but once Endeavor deduces that Shigaraki is looking for Izuku and connects the dots with the big mystery of “One For All”, it seems that Izuku’s biggest secret in My Hero Academia won’t be so secret for a long time. But that depends on how the rest of the fight plays out.