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The latest episode of the anime My Hero Academia, on the 21st of the fifth season and the 109th of the complete series, it received very positive comments from the fans. Especially because of how well represented the childhood of Himiko Togaas well as his attacks.

She imitated not only the appearance of Ochako Urarakabut also his power to control gravity with dire results for his rivals. But it also caused controversy.

Himiko Toga was the centerpiece of episode 109

For what reason? What happens is that for some time, some animators hired by Bones, have taken advantage of their social networks to show the animation work of the episodes in which they participated.

Not long ago one of them He showed how should a scene related to Tomura Shigaraki, which would have been more bloody and violent. Perhaps for the same reason it was not handled that way. Another one of them, Chansard Vincent, did the same with the battle of Toga.

He showed an animation and sketches of what the match of Himiko Toga in episode 109 of My Hero Academia. It had a bit more detail and effects, and for some, it seemed to be better than the final version.

The point is that Vincent commented ‘I was the one who asked not to be credited in the episode, I usually ask when I feel like I don’t have control over the quality of the final product’. But it was not the only thing he declared.

My Hero Academia animation generates controversy

The link for the animation is at the end

My Hero Academia episode 109 could have looked different

Continued with ‘It is absolutely not the fault of the attentive team that has treated me with great respect considering the circumstances’. These statements prompted comments against Bones.

The problem is that some of them are not justified. There were those who commented that the study is using the animators of My Hero Academia in other projects. But it is known that the studio has separate independent teams.

My Hero Academia animation generates controversy

My Hero Academia animation generates controversy

Ultimately, the one who makes the decision about the end result is the director in charge. Many times not only the resources and time of the team enter the scene, but the artistic vision of whoever is directing.

Chansard Vincent also stated in this regard ‘I’m very happy that people like my animation, but please don’t use it to hate people who literally destroy their health to make anime’. The latter sounds a bit strange.

As far as is known, the work environment in Bones it is much better than in other animation studios, like Madhouse O MAP, who were charged some time ago.

We will have to see how things turn out in the next episodes of the series, whose fifth season will end in a few weeks.

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