My Hero Academia is back and I just want to see Mirko breaking things

This will surely surprise more than one, having endured 6 seasons of “My Hero Academia“, but the truth is that beyond All Might, Mirio and Shigaraki… I haven’t come to connect too much with any character. This doesn’t mean that they seem ‘bad’ to me, after all, if they move so many People clearly have things to appreciate that just don’t resonate with me. But that’s precisely why I appreciate when new faces jump into action, and more if it’s someone like Mirko.

Mirko brings a fresh air to My Hero Academia that it needed

Because yes, there are female characters in “My Hero Academia”, but are they really relevant at the level of the general scale of the conflict? I think that someone like Mirko is going to be one of the few who can do more than offer support. That is, please appreciate the following sequence:

No, I will not deny that characters like Mt Lady or the dragon They can be relevant in a face-to-face against the villains, but in general, none is going to star in a sequence of such caliber. That is why from this moment I declare myself a fan and with great interest in what I can do. And yes, I know that we already saw it in some other season, but as little more than a spectator. Now that things are getting really serious between heroes and villains, it’s time to see how someone like Mirko brings explosiveness and dynamism to the punch..

Having said that, I personally hope that season 6 of “My Hero Academia” be one that leaves the hype through the clouds again, because season 5 was not exactly the best at fanning the flame of interest in the main story. However, in a conflict with an already well-established Shigaraki, an Endeavor who must really defend his position as the number 1 hero, and a personality like Mirko to give some variety to the routine faces, I have the feeling that they really await us. exciting weeks ahead.

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