My Hero Academia is finally preparing Shigaraki to mess it up very fat

My Hero Academia“It is climbing little by little in a season 6 that, definitely, will be defined by the clashes of heroes and villains. To date we have already seen how Twice has fallen, how Hawks and Mirko have received a great time, and now it also looks like things are going to get even uglier for the side of justice. Why? Because Shigaraki has woken up with what is going to be a lively power-up under his arm.

Episode 4 of the sixth season of My Hero Academia, the previous step to chaos

What really fat things have happened in this episode of “My Hero Academia”? The truth is that we are not lacking in rhythm precisely:

  • To start, Dabi has said something to Hawks that has left him brokenand it has also been confirmed on the side of ‘I don’t care about everything, I just pursue that justice that I define as perfect‘. Right now he’s completely unpredictable, and I really like the role he has. ❓
  • Following Mirkothe character has been by far the most outstanding of this season start. Although it seems certain that right now he will be out of commission for a little while, he has had the best moments of animation and also of characterization for his person and power. A 10 the leading role of him. ❤️
  • We finally come to the man of the moment: Shigaraki. In what has been a stay in a internal world that has reminded me a lot of Ichigo’s in Bleach, it seems that the leader of the villains has had a new awakening in which he is very scary. Come on, Mirko has at least recommended that he NOT be allowed to wake up and… F in the chat. ✔️
  • What will happen? The preview of episode 5 seems to make it very clear that Shigaraki will get out of the sticky situation he was in and, honestly, I’m convinced that at this point not even Endeavor will be enough to stop him.. For now, no idea how strong it should be, but everything indicates that it will completely change the situation of the battle plane, which at the moment was turning completely in favor of the heroes. ❓

I can’t help it: in these kinds of stories I tend to always be more on the side of the villains. I like to see what kind of forces drive them and the motivations that lead them to follow the path we see them walk. It’s not that I don’t like heroes, but how dark and twisted some characters become is especially striking to me, and I’m looking forward to seeing what “My Hero Academia” prepares in this regard.

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