My Hero Academia: It is revealed who is the ultimate traitor among the heroes. Beware, spoilers!

Although we have put it in the headline, we repeat. In this text you will find spoilers for My Hero Academia, so do not read the text if you are not up to date with the manga.

The fiction of Kōhei Horikoshi is right now carrying out a somewhat curious strategy, perhaps even to capture the same interest, or more, that he is obtaining One Piece thanks to the publication of 1,000th episode from the history of Eiichiro Oda. My Hero Academia It is receiving heavy criticism for the rapid pace at which its events are progressing, solving character arcs hastily and sending major characters to the graveyard, or putting very high risk.

After revealing to you what had been the most important recent death from My Hero Academia, now we bring you another bomb: the revelation of the identity of the traitor we have been searching for so long. The traitor who ran the risk of becoming the character most hated by many considering that he put our heroes on the ropes.

Episode 335 was the key

There have been precisely few episodes that we have had to wait to meet the traitor. Episode 335 continues to explore the misfortunes of All For One and the fall of Star and Stripe. It has been confirmed that AFO intended to stretch the New Order to carry out one of its evil plans, however, due to circumstances, it must execute those plans in an alternative way, and it will do so through the same Academy with the figure of, attention, Toru Hagakure. How have you stayed?

He is one of the youngest heroes who, on the other hand, has always been under suspicion by many followers and fans and his nature is now confirmed. Episode 335 has revealed one of the key facts of almost the entire fiction, or at least one of the most important facts for the future of the series. And, again, it has been done in a somewhat hasty way and without generating too much suspense in the face of showing the identity of said traitor. My Hero Academia it goes on and on, but with the same problems as always when it comes to pace.

Do you need to take a break from history and consider how to progress properly to regain your good rhythm?