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My Hero Academia it has become news for lThe revelations that its creator has given, Kohei Horikoshion the Jump Giga Spring 2021. He has confirmed that the final act of his saga will be published in the summer of this year and that characters like hawks Y ochako that will surprise both fans and the general public. He is looking for that pair of heroes to become a beacon of hope.

The final act of the story began airing a couple of weeks ago and you can read it through Plus Sleeve for freea. It is known that this saga has taken a somewhat dark turn in its last chapters. Especially those referring to the past of hawks and of Todoroki that they have shown flashbacks something raw about those heroes. And, it seems that just like hajime isayama with shingeki no kyojin, horikoshi he had already decided long ago the end of his saga.

What details did you give about the end of My hero Academia?

The first thing to say is about the ending: “The road (to the end) has been longer than expected, but the main elements that I decided before starting the series remain the same”. Also, it clarifies that the final decisions and details about this ending were decided in volume 21 of the manga, where we see the fight of Endeavor vs high end.

Now, does this mean that in My hero Academia there will be no changes? Probably, there will be changes, let’s remember that there are still a couple of months to see the final act come true. And, the decisions made by the editorial team of Weekly Shōnen Jump will be crucial to it.

my hero academia final act cover
Cover of the beginning of the final act of My Hero Academia

What it has clarified is that there will be surprises regarding some characters such as Hawks and Ochako who will be a light of hope. Others who will receive the spotlight are Sero, Monoma and Shindouso ask to pay attention to the entire cast of the series.

So only remains to be aware of Plus Sleeve to be able to see what the end of my hero academia. If you want to know more about anime, video games and geek culture, we also recommend reading: