My Hero Academia: Izuku’s 10 Best Fights in Anime, Ranked

The main protagonist ofMy Hero Academia It’s Izuku Midoriya. Not only has he earned the right to wield the One for All, but a place in the famous AU hero school. Although Izuku has to think about exams and homework, being a hero also involves mortal combat. Izuku has gotten into more fights than any other freshman.

Izuku has participated in exciting battles within the UA, including physicals against his teammates. He has also gotten into fights with villains, where the stakes are terrifying and real. Izuku’s battles can be classified according to how exciting and memorable they have been. Although the stakes are always high, Izuku rarely fights on his own.

10 Izuku contra Katsuki Bakugo, primer combate

Aside from the brief confrontation with the mud villain who captured Katsuki Bakugo in the first episode, this was one of Izuku’s first matches. In this battle, Izuku and his friend Ochaco Uraraka teamed up against Bakugo and Tenya Iida, with Bakugo and Tenya defending the target as petty villains.

Izuku directly confronted his childhood friend. Izuku was prepared to face his fear and face Bakugo’s explosive Quirk. Izuku fought in this match, but it was a valiant effort. Meanwhile, Ochaco managed to capture the target.

9 Izuku contra Hitoshi Shinso, primer combatemy hero academia las 10 mejores peleas de izuku en el anime clasificadas 1

The arc of the United States sports festival was packed with many memorable duels, including the opening match of the tournament’s first round. This battle pitted Izuku against the haunting Hitoshi Shinso, who wielded his remarkable Brainwash Quirk.

Hitoshi is not a great duelist, but he tricked Izuku with his Quirk. While brainwashing him, Izuku almost went out of bounds. At the last moment, he saw the ghostly footprints of the previous One For All bearers, causing him to snap out of his daze and defeat Shinso.

8 Izuku’s team vs. the class 1-B teammy hero academia las 10 mejores peleas de izuku en el anime clasificadas 2

During the joint training arc, Classes 1-A and 1-B formed teams to conduct mock battles. The final battle involved Izuku’s four-man team, against Shinso’s five-man team. In this round, Izuku knew exactly what Shinso was capable of.

At the time, Izuku was unaware of the different characteristics his Quirk possessed. In the chaos of combat, Izuku awakened an additional Quirk, Blackwhip. He was unable to control it, putting his companions in danger. Fortunately, Shinso and Ochaco helped Izuku contain his newfound power, and Izuku’s team ended up winning the match.

7 Izuku Vs Gentle Criminal & La Bravamy hero academia las 10 mejores peleas de izuku en el anime clasificadas 3

Izuku’s most sympathetic opponent in the series is the flamboyant Gentle Criminal, a minor villain who had abandoned hero training and decided to make his mark on society in another way. He resorted to crime to get what he wanted, and his loyal assistant La Brava did not stop capturing everything and publishing it on the Internet.

Izuku used all his creative tricks to counter Gentle’s defensive Quirk and the power of La Brava’s Quirk. In the end, both villains were stopped. Izuku felt bad for them and praised Gentle for a well fought battle. It seems that not all villains are monsters.

6 Izuku contra Katsuki Bakugo, segundo combatemy hero academia las 10 mejores peleas de izuku en el anime clasificadas 4

Bakugo was desperate to know how Izuku had achieved such incredible strength despite not having Quirk. He felt threatened by Izuku’s rapid progress. This resentment boiled over when Bakugo confronted Izuku outside his bedroom one night.

The two friends got into a serious fight, which Bakugo narrowly won. It was an intense and painfully personal event. When All Might arrived, Bakugo finally learned the truth of One For All. From that moment on, Izuku and Bakugo’s rivalry cooled down.

5 Izuku & Allies Vs Stain The Hero Killermy hero academia las 10 mejores peleas de izuku en el anime clasificadas 5

The assassin hero Stain nearly claimed the life of Pro Hero Tensei Iida. This caused his brother Tenya to seek revenge. Stain quickly defeated Iida. Luckily, Izuku and Shoto arrived to help take on the terrifying villain. Although all three heroes-in-formation fell victim to Stain’s Quirk Bloodcurdle, the fight was far from over. The intensity of the battle did not scare Izuku. He recovered and defended himself. Izuku and his allies impressively turned the tables on Stain. Finally, Endeavor arrived to help end the match.

4 Izuku y Katsuki Bakugo contra All Mightmy hero academia las 10 mejores peleas de izuku en el anime clasificadas 6

At one point, the students in class 1-A had to fight their teachers in pairs. The 10th and final 2v1 battle pitted Izuku and Bakugo against All Might. All Might is the strongest professor in UA, and Izuku was reluctant to land a blow at his idol, while Bakugo was not cooperative at all.

Izuku appealed to Bakugo repeatedly. Finally, he managed to communicate with his explosive friend. In true heroic style, Izuku formed a plan with Bakugo. They achieved a narrow and painful victory.

3 Izuku Vs The Muscle Villainmy hero academia las 10 mejores peleas de izuku en el anime clasificadas 7

One of the first villains Izuku fights is the brutal thug Muscular, a member of the League of Villains. When the League’s vanguard team attacked, Muscular threatened the young Kota Izumi. Izuku intervened and an intense battle began.

Even the One for All couldn’t do much against this powerful villain. Muscular was determined to kill both Izuku and Kota to satisfy his thirst for blood. At the last moment, Izuku used an incredible 1,000,000% Smash to hit Muscular and save the day. Kota was deeply impressed and recognized Izuku as his hero.

2 Izuku contra Shoto Todorokimy hero academia las 10 mejores peleas de izuku en el anime clasificadas 8

Izuku’s second match at the sports festival was personal. He faced his new rival, Shoto Todoroki. Izuku tried his best, but Shoto was fighting only half his Quirk’s ice, which outraged Izuku.

Izuku demanded that Shoto give his all, and this appeal finally broke through Shoto’s mental barriers. At last, Shoto used his Fire Quirk, a turning point for the character. The final showdown was massive. Cementoss had to intervene to prevent Izuku and Shoto from killing each other. In the end, Shoto narrowly won.

1 Izuku vs Overhaul was a watershed momentmy hero academia las 10 mejores peleas de izuku en el anime clasificadas 9

The powerful villain Overhaul managed to defeat Mirio Togata, and seriously wounded the supporting hero Sir Nighteye. As a result, Izuku had to end the match. Unfortunately, the best of him was not enough, Overhaul still had the advantage.

In a moment of desperation, Eri took a chance and used her Rewind Quirk to heal Izuku. Continued use of Rewind allowed Izuku to push his limits and finally deliver the final blow to Overhaul. This stopped Overhaul’s plans and concluded Shie Hassaikai’s raid.