My Hero Academia Just Put Mirko’s Life In Question… Again

Mirko may not have the same notoriety as Deku, Bakugo and All Might, but the bunny-hero has become a fan-favorite among the adult crime-fighters of my hero academia. With the series’ final battle, according to creator Kohei Horikoshi, currently underway, no hero or villain is safe and the manga’s final chapter places Mirko in a rather dangerous position as a group of heroes attempt to defeat Shigaraki. With the anime adaptation slated to return this fall with season six, expect major moments for Mirko in 2022.

Warning. If you haven’t read the last chapter of my hero academiaChapter 346, you might want to skip the rest of this article as we are about to dive into some serious spoiler territory.

Even though the villains lost the war arc, All For One and his followers only grew stronger by managing to jailbreak not only their leader, but dozens of other antagonists. Luckily, UA’s young heroes and their older counterparts have come up with a “divide and rule” plan with individual heroes placed in front of some of the biggest villains threatening the world. Placed in front of Shigaraki, one of the most powerful villains who now has the powers of All For One, Bakugo, Mirko, Aizawa, Best Jeanist and Monoma stare at the young criminal.

While the heroes thought they would be able to take out Shigaraki’s powers using Aizawa and Monoma’s powers, they discovered that their plan wouldn’t work as the young villain had apparently honed his powers, causing trouble. to Mirko in particular. With All For One’s heir creating an appendage of hands and terror, he is able to deliver a heavy blow to the bunny hero.

The scariest part of this move is that Shigaraki is able to come into direct contact with Mirko, causing her to be susceptible to her mastery of decay, which could potentially ruin her. As this is the final story of My Hero Academia, according to creator Kohei Horikoshi, it’s definitely time to worry about hero losses as the war between heroes and villains draws to a close.

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