My Hero Academia: Kohei Horikoshi shares a beautiful new drawing of Ochako with Nejire

the author of My Hero Academiathe mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, has shared with his fans a pretty cute new drawing where he brings together the superheroines Ochako Uraraka also known as Uravity, and Nejire Hado.

Kohei Horikoshi is already working on what could be the final chapter of the manga boku no hero, but that hasn’t stopped the mangaka from maintaining a connection with his huge entourage of fans by giving updates on his work or creating cool separate pieces of art to the delight of fans of Izuku Modoriya’s story and all the students of the school. class Class 1-A at the UA Academy.

Speaking of these students, Ochako Uraraka has always stood out among the most popular, and perhaps not so much for her powers, but for her incredible personality that has led her to become a great heroine. From her side, Nejire we know that she is a member of the Big Three of the UA, a group of third-year students who are considered the best candidates for heroes.

Photo: Twitter – @horikoshiko

Kohei Horikoshi’s amazing drawing shows both heroines in their UA Academy student outfits while the mangaka shares his creation through his official Twitter account writing: “Sorry, I tend to take a break! I will follow Plus Ultra” that for those who do not remember, this last phrase used in My Hero Academia It comes from Latin and means “to go further or beyond”.

As for the anime, My Hero Academia is getting ready to return together with Studio Bones this coming fall and with one of the most exciting and intense arcs titled Paranormal Liberation War Arc where professional heroes and UA students will join forces to fight against Shigaraki and his newly formed Paranormal Liberation Front.

What do you think of this beautiful drawing of Ochako Uraraka and Nejire Hado?


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